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Advocating the rights of people with disabilities in China: A community-based rehabilitation approachLau, FPY201252
Rethinking asset-based community development strategies in post-earthquake China: the role of social capitalLau, FPY201249
Recruitment and Promotion: Human Resources Management in Publishing IndustryLau, FPY2012116
The Oxford University Guide to CareersLau, FPY201238
Human Rights in the 21st Century: Global Perspective, National ChallengesLau, FPY; Chan, CLW; Ng, HS201259
Citizen Participation and Social AccountabilityLau, FPY201245
ResearchLau, FPY201239
Can time heal? The grief trajectory of bereaved victims of the 2008 earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaChan, CLW; Sha, W; Wang, C; Li, J; Leung, PPY; Wang, X; Ho, AHY; Shi, Z; Lau, FPY; Ho, TH2011121
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