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Identification of 22q11.2 deletion in patients from adult congenital heart disease clinic: a missed burden in the transition care in Hong KongChung, B; Chow, P; Liu, A; Lee, P; Chan, K; Tang, M; Lau, E; Cheung, YF; Chau, KT; Lau, YL201323
What is the diagnosis?Liu, APY; Ng, YK; Hui, APW; Lau, E; Tang, M; Chung, BHY2011146
Online Combination of Reversed-Phase/Reversed-Phase and Porous Graphitic Carbon Liquid Chromatography for Multicomponent Separation of Proteomics and Glycoproteomics Samples.Zhao, Y; Lam, PY; Lau, E; Siu, SO; Lo, C; Chu, IK201157
Combinatorial use of offline SCX and online RP-RP liquid chromatography for iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomics applicationsLau, E; Lam, MPY; Siu, SO; Kong, RPW; Chan, WL; Zhou, Z; Huang, J; Lo, C; Chu, IK2011163
Inverted duplication 18q12.1-q22Liu, APY; Ho, A; Yung, TC; Tam, T; Chan, K; Lau, E; Tang, M; Tan, TY; Chung, B2011149
iTRAQ-Based Quantitative Proteomic Analysis using Offline SCX and Online RP-RP Liquid Chromatography.Quan, Q; Lau, E; Lam, PY; Siu, SO; Chan, WL; Lo, CSC; Chu, IK201181
Fully automatable two-dimensional reversed-phase capillary liquid chromatography with online tandem mass spectrometry for shotgun proteomicsSiu, SO; Lam, MPY; Lau, E; Kong, RPW; Lee, SMY; Chu, IK2011197
17p13.3 class I microduplication in a newborn with microcephaly, aortic stenosis and dysmorphic facial featuresHo, A; Liu, A; Lun, KS; Tam, T; Chan, K; Lau, E; Tang, M; Tan, T; Chung, B2011164
Online combination of reversed-phase/reversed-phase and porous graphitic carbon liquid chromatography for multicomponent separation of proteomics and glycoproteomics samplesLam, MPY; Lau, E; Siu, SO; Ng, DCM; Kong, RPW; Chiu, PCN; Yeung, WSB; Lo, C; Chu, IK2011187
Trust relations in the construction industryLau, E; Rowlinson, S2010210
Understanding the molecular mechanisms of skeletal dysplasia through proteomics of mutant collagen X protein-expressing chondrocytesChan, WL; Lau, E; Chan, D; Chu, IK; Cheah, KSE; Tanner, JA201099
N-linked glycoprotein analysis using dual-extraction ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography and electrospray tandem mass spectrometry.Siu, SO; Lam, MP; Lau, E; Yeung, WS; Cox, DM; Chu, IK201083
OsNOA1/RIF1 is a functional homolog of AtNOA1/RIF1: Implication for a highly conserved plant cGTPase essential for chloroplast functionLiu, H; Lau, E; Lam, MPY; Chu, H; Li, S; Huang, G; Guo, P; Wang, J; Jiang, L; Chu, IK; Lo, C; Tao, Y2010175
Online coupling of reverse-phase and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography for protein and glycoprotein characterizationLam, MPY; Siu, SO; Lau, E; Mao, X; Sun, HZ; Chiu, PCN; Yeung, WSB; Cox, DM; Chu, IK2010244
The expectations, needs, risks and constraints for project performanceLau, E; Rowlinson, S200990
Interpersonal trust and inter-firm trust in construction projectsLau, E; Rowlinson, S2009221
Final declaration of the Asian metaforum on the role of vitamin D and the management of osteoporosisChan, SP; Chen, JF; Chu, LW; Van, DP; Hosking, D; Ip, TP; Koh, L; Kung, A; Lai, NS; Lau, E; Lee, JK; Leewattana, R; Min, YK; Nghia, ND; Boonsong, O; Park, HM; Ringe, J; Setyohadi, B; Shin, CS; Soontrapa, S; Taechakraichana, N; Tanjung, F; Tobing, D; Tsai, KS; Woo, J; Yang, RS2009104
The effect of volume of chorionic villi on long-term cell cultureChen, M; Ng, L; Lau, E; Lee, CP; Tang, MHY; Lam, YH200961
Applications of proteomics in food researchChu, IK; Lau, E; Ma, CY2008239
Do HF patients with chronotropic incompetence benefit from higher rate pacing during exercise?Tse, HF; Koh, S; Lau, E; Yang, M; Park, E2008100
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