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Biological mechanisms of risk factors leading to Alzheimer's Disease and dementiaChang, RCC; Ho, YS; Wong, GTH; Tsang, AW; Poon, CH; Cheng, SY; Law, ACK; Chiu, K; Lau, BWM; Mak, JCW; So, KF201345
The regulation of HPA activity and anti-aging effect of Qigong exercise for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: telomerase activity and salivary cortisolHo, RTH; Chan, JSM; Ng, SM; Lau, BWM; So, KF; Cheung, IKM; Ng, BFL; Ziea, ETC; Chan, CLW201381
Investigating biological mechanisms of corticosterone-induced neurodegeneration: implication of how depression promotes cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's diseaseChang, RCC; Wuwongse, S; Wong, S; Tsang, AWT; Zhang, E; Cheng, SSY; Hung, CHL; Lau, BWM; Ho, YS; So, KF; Law, A201335
Effects of voluntary running on plasma levels of neurotrophins, hippocampal cell proliferation and learning and memory in stressed ratsYau, SY; Lau, BWM; Zhang, ED; Lee, JCD; Li, A; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Xu, A; So, KF2012153
A randomized controlled trial of qigong exercise on fatigue symptoms, functioning, and telomerase activity in persons with chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndromeHo, RTH; Chan, JSM; Wang, CW; Lau, BWM; So, KF; Yuen, LP; Sham, JST; Chan, CLW2012167
Polysaccharides from wolfberry prevents corticosterone-induced inhibition of sexual behavior and increases neurogenesisLau, BWM; Lee, JCD; Li, Y; Fung, SMY; Sang, YH; Shen, J; Chang, RCC; So, KF2012175
Low dose of corticosterone treatment with exercise increases hippocampal cell proliferation, and improves cognitionYau, SY; Lee, JCD; Lau, BWM; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Tang, SW; So, KF2011181
Effect of corticosterone and paroxetine on masculine mating behavior: Possible involvement of neurogenesisLau, BWM; Yau, SY; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Tang, SW; So, KF2011223
Hippocampal neurogenesis and dendritic plasticity support running-improved spatial learning and depression-like behaviour in stressed ratsYau, SY; Lau, BWM; Tong, JB; Wong, R; Ching, YP; Qiu, G; Tang, SW; Lee, TMC; So, KF2011191
Light deprivation induces depression-like behavior and suppresses neurogenesis in diurnal Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Lau, BWM; Ren, C; Yang, J; Yan, SWL; Chang, RCC; Pu, M; So, KF2011155
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis: A possible way how physical exercise counteracts stressYau, SY; Lau, BWM; So, KF2011130
Reproduction: A new venue for studying function of adult neurogenesis?Lau, BWM; Yau, SY; So, KF2011102
Y-like retinal ganglion cells innervate the dorsal raphe nucleus in the Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Luan, L; Ren, C; Lau, BWM; Yang, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M2011215
Possible involvement of neurogenesis in male rat mating behaviorLau, BWM; Yau, SY; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Tang, SW; So, KF2010117
Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) polysaccharide facilitates ejaculatory behaviour in male ratsLau, BWM; Yau, SY; Lee, CD; Chang, RCC; So, KF2010138
Roles of paroxetine and corticosterone on adult mammalian ciliary body cell proliferationWang, H; Lau, BWM; Yau, SY; Li, SY; Leung, N; Wang, NL; Tang, SW; Lee, T; So, KF2010227
Intracerebroventricular infusion of cytosine-arabinoside causes prepulse inhibition disruptionLau, BWM; Yau, SY; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Tang, SW; So, KF2009185
Molecular cloning and characterization of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) telomerase catalytic subunit (telomerase reverse transcriptase, TERT)Lau, BWM; Wong, AOL; Tsao, GSW; So, KF; Yip, HKF2008292
Expression of telomerase reverse transcriptase in adult goldfish retinaLau, BWM; Tsao, GSW; So, KF; Yip, HK2007111
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