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Serum IgE concentration and other immune manifestations of treatment with gold salts are linked to the MHC and IL4 regions in the ratKermarrec, N; Dubay, C; De Gouyon, B; Blanpied, C; Gauguier, D; Gillespie, K; Mathieson, PW; Druet, P; Lathrop, M; Hirsch, F199611
Further data on linkage between cystic fibrosis and 7C22 (D7S16)Farrall, M; Lathrop, M; Spence, JE; Bowcock, A; Klinger, K; Tsui, LC1987182
Linkage of DNA probe B79a (D7S13) to cystic fibrosisWainwright, BJ; Tsui, LC; Leppert, M; Buchwald, M; Estivill, X; O'Connell, P; Lathrop, M; LaLouel, JM; White, R; Williamson, R; Farrall, M1987269
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