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Effect of the basic residue on the energetics and dynamics of dissociation of phosphopeptidesLaskin, J; KONG, PW; SONG, T; Chu, IK201213
Energy and entropy effects in dissociation of peptide radical anionsLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK2012110
Mechanistic Examination of Cβ–Cγ Bond Cleavages of Tryptophan Residues During Dissociations of Molecular Peptide Radical CationsSong, T; Chu, IK; Siu, CK; Laskin, J201249
Experimental and computational studies on the Cβ-Cγ bond cleavage of tryptophan in the dissociation of peptide radical cationsSong, T; Hao, Q; Siu, CK; Laskin, J; Chu, IK201243
Formation of peptide radical ions through dissociative electron transfer in ternary metal-ligand-peptide complexesChu, IK; Laskin, J2011119
Formation, isomerization, and dissociation of a-carbon-centered and π-centered glycylglycyltryptophan radical cationsNg, DCM; Song, T; Siu, SO; Siu, CK; Laskin, J; Chu, IK2010183
Effect of the basic residue on the energetics, dynamics, and mechanisms of gas-phase fragmentation of protonated peptidesLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Song, T; Lam, C; Chu, IK2010142
Fragmentation of α-Radical Cations of Arginine-Containing PeptidesLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Ng, CMD; Chu, IK2010133
Kinetics for Tautomerizations and Dissociations of Triglycine Radical CationsSiu, CK; Zhao, J; Laskin, J; Chu, IK; Hopkinson, AC; Siu, KWM2009237
Experimental and Computational Studies of the Macrocyclic Effect of an Auxiliary Ligand on Electron and Proton Transfers Within Ternary Copper(II)-Histidine ComplexesSong, T; Lam, CNW; Ng, DCM; Orlova, G; Laskin, J; Fang, DC; Chu, IK2009466
The effect of the secondary structure on dissociation of peptide radical cations: Fragmentation of angiotensin III and its analoguesYang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK; Laskin, J2008324
Energetics and dynamics of electron transfer and proton transfer in dissociation of metalIII(salen)-peptide complexes in the gas phaseLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Chu, IK2008123
38. Energetics and Dynamics of Electron Transfer and Proton Transfer in Dissociation of MetalIII(salen)-Peptide Complexes in the Gas-PhaseLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Lam, NW; Chu, IK2007128
Charge-remote fragmentation of odd-electron peptide ionsLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK2007207
Generation and Dissociation of Cationic and Anionic Radical PeptidesChu, IK; Lam, NW; Yang, Z; Laskin, J2007136
Is dissociation of peptide radical cations an ergodic process?Laskin, J; Futrell, JH; Chu, IK2007139
Facile generation and characterization of cationic radical peptides: Ligand effect and peptide structuresLam, NW; Orlova, G; Laskin, J; Chu, IK2006118
Facile generation and characterization cationic radical peptides: ligand effect and peptide structuresLam, NW; Orlova, G; Laskin, J; Chu, IK2006113
Fragmentation energetics of peptide radical cations from time- and energy-resolved surface-induced dissociation studiesLaskin, J; Chu, IK200688
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