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Novel immunomodulatory effects of adiponectin on dendritic cell functionsTsang, JYS; Li, D; Ho, D; Peng, J; Xu, A; Lamb, J; Chen, Y; Tam, PKH2011916
Clinicopathologic and gene expression parameters predict liver cancer prognosisHao, K; Lamb, J; Zhang, C; Xie, T; Wang, K; Zhang, B; Chudin, E; Lee, NP; Mao, M; Zhong, H; Greenawalt, D; Ferguson, MD; Ng, IO; Sham, PC; Poon, RT; Molony, C; Schadt, EE; Dai, H; Luk, JM2011178
Predicting prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma after curative surgery with common clinicopathologic parametersHao, K; Luk, JM; Lee, NPY; Mao, M; Zhang, C; Ferguson, MD; Lamb, J; Dai, H; Ng, IO; Sham, PC; Poon, RTP2009485
Sonic hedgehog promotes CD4+ T lymphocyte proliferation and modulates the expression of a subset of CD28-targeted genesChan, VSF; Chau, SY; Tian, L; Chen, Y; Kwong, SKY; Quackenbush, J; Dallman, M; Lamb, J; Tam, PKH2006155
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