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Successful treatment of severe fetal chylothorax resistant to repeated pleuroamniotic shunting by OK-432 pleurodesisLo, TK; Lau, WL; Lam, YY; Tang, MHY; Leung, TY; Leung, WC201276
The Stories of Life: A Self-Help JourneyChan, CLW; Ho, AHY; Tam, MYJ; Ng, OKP; Lam, YY201131
Variability in response to clopidogrel: How important are pharmacogenetics and drug interactions?Ma, TKW; Lam, YY; Tan, VP; Yan, BP2011102
Impact of genetic and acquired alteration in cytochrome P450 system on pharmacologic and clinical response to clopidogrelMa, TKW; Lam, YY; Tan, VP; Kiernan, TJ; Yan, BP201083
An update on the epidemiology of childhood diabetes in Hong KongHuen, KF; Low, LCK; Cheung, PT; Wong, GWK; But, WM; Kwan, EYW; Lam, YY; Lee, CY; Wong, LM; Ng, KL; Cheng, AWF; Tong, CT; Wong, WHS2009287
Aldosterone Receptor Antagonism Induces Reverse Remodeling When Added to Angiotensin Receptor Blockade in Chronic Heart FailureChan, AKY; Sanderson, JE; Wang, T; Lam, W; Yip, G; Wang, M; Lam, YY; Zhang, Y; Yeung, L; Wu, EB; Chan, WWM; Wong, JTH; So, N; Yu, CM200780
1DNA-based subtyping of glycogen storage disease type III: Mutation and haplotype analysis of the AGL gene in ChineseLam, CW; Lee, ATC; Lam, YY; Wong, TW; Mak, TWL; Fung, WC; Chan, KC; Ho, CS; Tong, SF2004138
Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in children in Hong Kong: The Hong Kong childhood diabetes registerHuen, KF; Low, LCK; Wong, GWK; Tse, WWY; Yu, ACM; Lam, YY; Cheung, PCH; Wong, LM; Yeung, WKY; But, BWM; Cheung, PT; Kwan, EYW; Karlberg, JPE; Lee, C2000146
Prenatal diagnosis of glycogen storage disease type 1b using denaturing high performance liquid chromatographyLam, CW; Sin, SY; Lau, ET; Lam, YY; Poon, P; Tong, SF200085
Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in children in Hong Kong - the Hong Kong childhood diabetes registerBut, BWM; Cheung, KO; Cheung, PCH; Cheung, PT; Huen, KF; Karlberg, JPE; Kwan, EYW; Lam, KSL; Lam, YY; Lee, C; Low, LCK; Tan, K; Tse, WWY; Tin, SC; Wong, GWK; Wong, LM; Yeung, WKY; Yu, ACM1998173
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