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Structural basis of FliG-FliM interaction in Helicobacter pylori.Lam, KH; Lam, WWL; Wong, JYK; Chan, LC; Kotaka, M; Ling, TKW; Jin, D; Ottermann, KM; Au, SWN201334
Epigenetic inactivation of the miR-124-1 in haematological malignanciesWong, KY; So, CC; Loong, F; Chung, LP; Lam, WWL; Liang, R; Li, GKH; Jin, DY; Chim, CS20111,124
Molecular interaction of flagellar export chaperone FliS and cochaperone HP1076 in Helicobacter pyloriLam, WWL; Woo, EJ; Kotaka, M; Tam, WK; Leung, YC; Ling, TKW; Au, SWN2010239
A method for vehicle count in the presence of multiple-vehicle occlusions in traffic imagesPang, CCC; Lam, WWL; Yung, NHC2007460
Vehicle-component identification based on multiscale textural couriersLam, WWL; Pang, CCC; Yung, NHC2007444
Multi-scale space vehicle component identificationLam, WWL; Pang, CCC; Yung, NHC200453
Highly accurate texture-based vehicle segmentation methodLam, WWL; Pang, CCC; Yung, NHC2004766
Multiscale space vehicle component identificationLam, WWL; Pang, CCC; Yung, NHC2004545
A novel method for resolving vehicle occlusion in a monocular traffic-image sequencePang, CCC; Lam, WWL; Yung, NHC2004682
Vehicle feature extraction by patch-based samplingLam, WWL; Pang, CCC; Yung, NHC2003745
A novel method for handling vehicle occlusion in visual traffic surveillancePang, CCC; Lam, WWL; Yung, NHC2003659
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