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Development of a Bidirectional Pedestrian Stream Model with an Oblique Intersecting AngleXIE, S; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK; Chen, A201330
Bottleneck model revisited: an activity-based perspectiveLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC201314
A Continuum Modeling Approach for Network Vulnerability Analysis at Regional ScaleHo, HW; Sumalee, A; Lam, WHK; Szeto, WY201326
Optimal density of radial major roads in a two-dimensional monocentric city with endogenous residential distribution and housing pricesLi, ZC; Chen, YJ; Wang, YD; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC201325
Environmentally sustainable toll design for congested road networks with uncertain demandLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A2012183
Optimization of Number of Operators and Allocation of New Lines in an Oligopolistic Transit MarketLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC2012106
Empirical Evidence for the Look-Ahead Behavior of Pedestrians in Bi-directional FlowsGuo, RY; Wong, SC; Xia, YH; Huang, HJ; Lam, WHK; Choi, K201297
Design of a rail transit line for profit maximization in a linear transportation corridorLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A2012160
Design of a rail transit line for profit maximization in a linear transportation corridorLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A2011133
Advanced systems for public transport scheduling and network designLo, HK; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Leung, JMY201159
On the allocation of new lines in a competitive transit network with uncertain demand and scale economiesLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC2011104
A reliability-based land use and transportation optimization modelYim, KKW; Wong, SC; Chen, A; Wong, CK; Lam, WHK2011153
Emerging theories in traffic and transportation and methods for transportation planning and operationsLam, WHK; Wong, SC; Lo, HK201153
The multi-class schedule-based transit assignment model under network uncertaintiesZhang, Y; Lam, WHK; Sumalee, A; Lo, HK; Tong, CO2010113
Optimal route allocation in a liberalizing airline marketLi, ZC; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Fu, X201081
Advanced public transport system scheduling and controlLo, HK; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Leung, JMY201062
A microscopic pedestrian-simulation model and its application to intersecting flowsGuo, RY; Wong, SC; Huang, HJ; Zhang, P; Lam, WHK2010180
Empirical evidence for taxi customer-search modelSirisoma, RMNT; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK; Wang, D; Yang, H; Zhang, P2010345
Bidirectional pedestrian stream model with oblique intersecting angleWong, SC; Leung, WL; Chan, SH; Lam, WHK; Yung, NHC; Liu, CY; Zhang, P2010218
Editorial: Advanced methods for public transport system managementLo, HK; Lam, WHK; Wong, SC; Leung, JMY2010155
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