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The effect of diet and strength training on obese children's physical self-conceptYu, CCW; Sung, RYT; Hau, KT; Lam, PKW; Nelson, EAS; So, RCH2008165
Effects of strength training on body composition and bone mineral content in children who are obese/overweight.Yu, CW; Sung, RYT; So, RCH; Lui, KC; Lau, W; Lam, PKW; Lau, EMC2005153
Self-perception of physical competences in preadolescent overweight Chinese childrenSung, RYT; Yu, CW; So, RCH; Lam, PKW; Hau, KT2005114
Peak early diastolic mitral annulus velocity by tissue Doppler imaging adds independent and incremental prognostic valueWang, M; Yip, GWK; Wang, AYM; Zhang, Y; Ho, PY; Tse, MK; Lam, PKW; Sanderson, JE2003263
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