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Dosing Regimen and Tolerability of Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol-Epoetin Beta in Chinese Dialysis PatientsChoy, BY; Lam, MF; Yip, T; Tang, HL; Wong, PN; Chow, CC; Yap, YHD; Chan, DTM201336
Clinicopathological study of renal biopsies after liver transplantationChan, GSW; Lam, MF; Kwan, L; Fung, SH; Chan, SC; Chan, KW201328
Renal allograft tissue: its new role in patient managementChan, GSW; Kwok, JSY; Lam, MF; Chan, DTM; Chan, KW201269
Distinct role of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in kidney injury molecule-1 shedding by kidney proximal tubular epithelial cellsLim, AI; Chan, LYY; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW; Chow, CW; Lam, MF; Leung, JCK201282
A study of the clinical and biochemical profile of peritoneal dialysis fluid low in glucose degradation productsLai, KN; Lam, MF; Leung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Lam, CWK; Chan, IHS; Chan, HW; Li, CS; Wong, SSH; Ho, YW; Cheuk, A; Tang, MKL; Tang, SCW201287
The role of leptin and its short-form receptor in inflammation in db/db mice infused with peritoneal dialysis fluidLeung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Lam, MF; Tang, SCW; Chow, CW; Lim, AI; Lai, KN201272
Survival Analysis and causes of mortality in patients with lupus nephritisYap, YHD; Tang, CS; Ma, MK; Lam, MF; Chan, DTM201293
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome complicating dialysis patients with peritoneal failure - Report of 3 casesYap, DYH; Ma, MKM; Lai, ASH; Chan, SY; Seto, WK; Lam, MF; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2011180
Oxidative damages in tubular epithelial cells in IgA nephropathy: role of crosstalk between angiotensin II and aldosteroneLeung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Tang, SCW; Lam, MF; Chow, CW; Lim, AI; Lai, KN201193
Renal cell carcinoma of native kidney in Chinese renal transplant recipients: A report of 12 cases and a review of the literatureCheung, CY; Lam, MF; Lee, KC; Chan, GSW; Chan, KW; Chau, KF; Li, CS; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2011140
Clinical course and outcomes of single-organism enterococcus peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patientsYip, T; Tse, KC; Ng, F; Hung, I; Lam, MF; Tang, S; Lui, SL; Lai, KN; Chan, TM; Lo, WK2011680
Use of Doppler ultrasound renal resistive index and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in prediction of acute kidney injury in patients with septic shockNgai, CW; Lam, MF; Lo, SH; Cheung, CW; Chan, WM2011144
Association of -27T>C and its haplotype at the putative promoter for IgA-specific receptor gene with IgA nephropathy among the Chinese Han populationHuang, W; Gu, H; Li, R; Lou, T; Zhang, J; Shi, W; Ye, Z; Zhou, Y; Li, C; Xiong, S; Li, L; Wu, C; Leung, JCK; Lam, MF; Lai, KN; Wang, Y2011117
Survival Analysis and Causes of Mortality in Patients with Lupus NephritisYap, DYH; Tang, SOC; Ma, MKM; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Chan, DTM201036
Erratum: Variation in IGHMBP2 is not associated with IgA nephropathy inindependent studies of UK Caucasian and Chinese Han patients (Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (2010): doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfp661)Lou, T; Zhang, J; Gale, DP; Rees, AJ; Rhodes, B; Feehally, J; Li, C; Li, Y; Li, R; Huang, W; Hu, B; Leung, JCK; Lam, MF; Lai, KN; Wang, Y; Maxwel, PH201060
Causes of death in patients with severe lupus nephritisYap, DYH; Tang, CSO; Ma, MKM; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Chan, TM201036
In vitro enhanced chemotaxis of CD25+ mononuclear cells in patients with familial IgAN through glomerulotubular interactionsTam, KY; Leung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Lam, MF; Tang, SCW; Lai, KN201058
Colonic diverticulosis as a risk factor for peritonitis in chinese peritoneal dialysis patientsYip, T; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Cheng, SW; Leung Lui, S; Tang, S; Ng, M; Chan, TM; Lai, KN; Lo, WK2010491
Clinical and biochemical profile of a low-glucose degradation product peritoneal dialysis fluid: a four-year studyLai, KN; Lam, MF; Leung, JCK; Chan, LY; Tang, SCW201072
Clinical course and outcomes of enterococcus peritonitis in peritoneal dialsyisi patientYip, TPS; Tse, KC; Ng, F; Lam, MF; Tang, S; Lui, SL; Lai, KN; Chan, TM; Lo, WK2010320
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