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Complementary role of sperm sialyl-Lewis(x) binding proteins and sialidase on sperm-zona pellucida interaction in human
University of Ottawa.
Chiu, CN; Wang, Y; Huang, W; Lee, CL; Lam, KW; Yeung, WSB201445
Control of human trophoblast functions by adrenomedullin
International Workshop on Women’s Reproductive Health Research, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada, 11-13 April 2014
Chiu, CN; WONG, ST; Lee, CL; Lam, KW; WONG, HHV; Yeung, WSB201439
Glycodelin-A treatment reduces the adverse effect of macrophage co-culture on human sperm motility
Molecular Reproduction and Development
Lee, CL; Li, K; Lam, KW; Ng, EHY; Koistinen, H; Seppala, M; Yeung, WSB; Chiu, CN201422
Cell membrane proteins from oviductal epithelial cell line protect human spermatozoa from oxidative damage
Fertility and Sterility
Huang, W; Lee, CL; Lee, CYL; Lam, KW; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC; Chiu, CN201359
Identification of sialyl-Lewis(x) (SLEX)-binding protein on human spermatozoa and its role on sperm-zona pellucida interaction
Human Reproduction
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Chiu, PCN; Lee, CL; Zhao, W; Huang, W; Lam, KW; Ho, PC; Yeung, WSB2012194
Adenylate cyclise activation elevates miR-34a and suppresses invasion in the trophoblast cell line BeWo
World Congress in Reproductive Biology, WCRB 2011
Pang, RTK; Lam, KW; Lee, CKF; Chiu, CN; Leung, ON; Yeung, WSB2011118
The first 5 years since Trauma Center Designation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China
Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, GKK; Chang, A; Cheung, FC; Ho, HF; Ho, W; Hui, SM; Kam, CW; Lai, A; Lam, KW; Leung, M; Liu, SH; Lo, CB; Mok, F; Rainer, TH; Shen, WY; So, FL; Wong, G; Wu, A; Yeung, J; Yuen, WK2011286
Glycodelin-A suppresses human trophoblast invasion through modulating extracellular signal regulated kinase (ERK) activities
Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction
Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction
Lam, KW; Chiu, PCN; Lee, CL; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC2009242
Glycodelin-A as a modulator of trophoblast invasion
Research Postgraduate Symposium
The University of Hong Kong.
Lam, KW; Chiu, CN; Lee, CL; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC2009226
Differential glycosylation and impaired immunosuppressive activities of glycodelin-A in pregnant women with gestational Diabetes Mellitus.Lee, CL; Chiu, CN; Lam, KW; Chung, MK; Chu, IK; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB2008237
A Novel Artificial Prosthetic Replacement For The Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Of The Hand - From Concept To Prototype
Australian Orthopaedic Association Continuing Orthopaedic Education Meeting
Ip, WY; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Gibson, I; Ngan, AHW; Lu, W; Chiu, PKY2008256
Glycodelin-A suppresses human extravillous cytotrophoblast invasion through modulating matrix metalloproteinases activities.Lam, KW; Chiu, CN; Lee, CL; Chung, MK; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC2008217
Cumulus glycodelin stimulates human spermatozoa-zona binding mediated by the elevation of intracellular calcium concentration.Chung, MK; Chiu, CN; Lam, KW; Lee, CL; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB2008129
The immuno-modulatory effect of glycodelin-A in human natural killer cell.Lee, CL; Chiu, CN; Chung, MK; Lam, KW; Chu, IK; Yeung, WSB; Lee, CKF2008185
The development of an artificial finger joint
Bio-materials and prototyping applications in medicine
Gibson, I; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Lu, WW; Ngan, AHW; Ip, WY; Chiu, PKY2008297
The effect of adrenomedullin on the motility of human spermatozoa.Chiu, CN; Chung, MK; Lam, KW; Lee, CL; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Tang, F; Ho, PC2008181
Natural history of pelvic lymphocysts as observed by ultrasonography after bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy
Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Tam, KF; Lam, KW; Chan, KK; Ngan, HYS2008204
Cumulus ooporous-associated glycodelin-C displaces sperm-bound glycodelin-A and -F and stimulates spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding. O.2.05
The 12th Research Postgraduate Symposium, The University of Hong Kong, December 12-14, 2007, Hong Kong
Chung, MK; Chiu, CN; Lam, KW; Lee, CL; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB2007113
The immunosuppressive effect of glycodelin-A from amniotic fluid
Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction, November 11, 2007, Hong Kong
Lee, CL; Chiu, CN; Lam, KW; Chung, MK; Chu, IK; Yeung, WSB; Lee, CKF2007114
Detection of pelvic lymphocysts following bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy using 3-D ultrasonogram
The Third International Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, February 25-28, 2007
Tam, KF; Lam, KW; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS2007121
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