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Personal Spiritual Values and Quality of Life: Evidence from Chinese College StudentsZhang, KC; Hui, HCC; Lam, KM; Lau, EYY; Cheung, SF; Mok, DSY201350
Raising the interest of students in engineering with an integrated summer programmeSham, CW; Tan, SC; Lam, KM; Surya, C2012115
Embryonic lethality in mice lacking the nuclear factor of activated t cells 5 protein due to impaired cardiac development and functionMak, MC; Lam, KM; Chan, PK; Lau, YB; Tang, WH; Yeung, PKK; Ko, BCB; Chung, SMS; Chung, SK2011159
Prevalence of colonic lesions after a negative screening colonscopy in a population with rapidly rising colorectal cancer incidence: A prospective multi-center analysis. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayChan, AOO; Loo, CK; Leung, CM; Wong, SY; Ng, FH; Li, MKW; Lam, KM; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY2007128
Iron(I) complexes of 2,9-bis(2-hydroxyphenyl)-1,10-phenanthroline (H2dophen) as electrocatalysts for carbon dioxide reduction. X-ray crystal structures of [Fe(dophen)Cl] 2·2HCON(CH3)2 and [Fe(dophen)(N-MeIm)2]ClO4 (N-MeIm = 1-methylimidazole)Pun, SN; Chung, WH; Lam, KM; Guo, P; Chan, PH; Wong, KY; Che, CM; Chen, TY; Peng, SM2002108
α-1 antitrypsin phenotypes by isoelectric focusing in a metropolitan southern Chinese populationLee, SS; Lawton, JWM; Ko, KH; Lam, KM; Lin, CK2001236
Enhancement of degradative capacity by heterologous expressionLam, KM; Tsang, JSH2000105
Cobalt and nickel complexes of 2,2′ : 6′,2″ : 6″,2‴-quaterpyridine as catalysts for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxideLam, KM; Wong, KY; Yang, SM; Che, CM1995101
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