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Past dust and GAS/FUME exposure and COPD in Chinese: the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyLam, KBH; Yin, P; Jiang, CQ; Zhang, WS; Adab, P; Miller, MR; Thomas, GN; Ayres, JG; Lam, TH; Cheng, KK201290
Self-reported long total sleep duration is associated with metabolic syndrome: the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyArora, T; Jiang, CQ; Thomas, GN; Lam, KBH; Zhang, WS; Cheng, KK; Lam, TH; Taheri, S2011130
Napping is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes: The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyLam, KBH; Jiang, CQ; Thomas, GN; Arora, T; Zhang, WS; Taheri, S; Adab, P; Lam, TH; Cheng, KK2010119
Airflow obstruction and metabolic syndrome: The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyLam, KBH; Jordan, RE; Jiang, CQ; Thomas, GN; Miller, MR; Zhang, WS; Lam, TH; Cheng, KK; Adab, P2010119
Alcohol sensitivity, alcohol use and hypertension in an older Chinese population: The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyZhang, WS; Jiang, CQ; Cheng, KK; Adab, P; Thomas, GN; Liu, B; Lam, KBH; Schooling, CM; Lam, TH200997
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