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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges - a 55-year-old Chinese woman with a history of monoclonal gammopathy and reduced vision.Wong, YHI; Lam, JK201322
A man with hypophosphataemiaLam, JK; Lam, CW; Kung, AW; Tan, KC; Lau, KS; Lam, KS2011255
A woman with hypophosphataemia and raised alkaline phosphatase.Lam, JK; Lam, KS; Tan, KC; Chow, WS; Tso, AW; Kung, AW2010537
Long term cytocompatibility and in vivo investigation of nitrogen plasma implanted shape memory alloyYeung, KWK; Lam, JK; Chan, D; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC; Wu, SL; Hu, T; Chu, PK; Liu, X; Chu, CL2010140
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