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The estrogen-related receptor alpha upregulates secretin expressions in response to hypertonicity and angiotensin II stimulationLee, VHY; Lam, IPY; Choi, HS; Chow, BKC; Lee, LTO2012129
An investigation on p21-activated protein kinase 1 inhibitor, IPA-3, in hepatocellular carcinomaWong, LLY; Lam, IPY; Wong, TYN; Lai, WL; Zhou, Y; Hung, WY; Ching, YP2012122
An indispensable role of secretin in mediating the osmoregulatory functions of angiotensin IILee, VHY; Lee, LTO; Chu, JYS; Lam, IPY; Siu, FKY; Vaudry, H; Chow, BKC201059
Bile acids inhibit duodenal secretin expression via orphan nuclear receptor small heterodimer partner (SHP)Lam, IPY; Lee, LTO; Choi, HS; Alpini, G; Chow, BKC2009190
Multiple Actions of Secretin in the Human BodyLam, IPY; Siu, FKY; Chu, JYS; Chow, BKC2008181
A functional variable number of tandem repeats is located at the 5′ flanking region of the human secretin gene plays a downregulatory role in expressionLee, LTO; Lam, IPY; Chow, BKC200861
Signaling mechanisms of secretin receptorSiu, FKY; Lam, IPY; Chu, JYS; Chow, BKC2006158
Localization of small heterodimer partner (SHP) and secretin in mouse duodenal cellsLam, IPY; Lee, LTO; Choi, HS; Chow, BKC200653
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