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Screening options for Down syndrome: How women choose in real clinical settingLo, TK; Lai, FK; Leung, WC; Lau, WL; Ng, LS; Wong, WC; Tam, SS; Yee, YC; Choi, H; Lam, HSW; Sham, ASY; Tang, LCH; Chin, RKH200932
Biochemical hypothyroidism-A new finding in mirror syndrome?Leung, WC; Lam, HSW; Tang, MHY; Lao, TT200660
Unexpected reduction in the incidence of birth trauma and birth asphyxia related to instrumental deliveries during the study period: Was this the Hawthorne effect?Leung, WC; Lam, HSW; Lam, KW; To, M; Lee, CP200318
Comparison of maternal and fetal doppler haemodynamics in pregnancies conceived by IVF-ET versus spontaneous conception in the third trimesterBasir, GS; Leung, WC; Lam, HSW; Cheung, PT; Lao, TTH200392
Factors affecting outcomes of prenatally-diagnosed tumoursChan, KL; Tang, MHY; Tse, HY; Tang, RYK; Lam, HSW; Lee, CP; Tam, PKH2002132
Sudden postpartum collapseNg, WK; Lam, HSW; Lo, RJW; Tong, WN; Lee, CP; Ho, PKH; Dickens, P; Cheung, ANY1995487
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