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A single residue substitution in the receptor-binding domain of H5N1 hemagglutinin is critical for packaging into pseudotyped lentiviral particlesTang, D; Lam, YM; Siu, YL; Lam, CH; Chu, SL; Peiris, JSM; Buchy, P; Nai, B; Bruzzone, R201235
Decomposition of positron lifetime spectra generated by Monte Carlo method: The case study of 6H silicon carbideLam, CH; Ling, CC2006186
Synthesis, photophysics, electrochemistry, theoretical, and transient absorption studies of luminescent copper(I) and silver(I) diynyl complexes. X-ray crystal structures of [Cu 3(μ-dppm) 3(μ (3)-η(1)-C≡CC≡CPh)(2)]PF(6) and [Cu(3)(μ-dppm)(3)(μ(3)-η (1)-C≡CC≡CH)(2)]PF(6)Lo, WY; Lam, CH; Yam, VWW; Zhu, N; Cheung, KK; Fathallah, S; Messaoudi, S; Le Guennic, B; Kahlal, S; Halet, JF200460
Identities of the deep level defects E 1/E 2 in 6H silicon carbideLing, CC; Chen, XD; Gong, M; Weng, HM; Hang, DS; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Lam, TW; Lam, CH200477
Positron lifetime studies on 8 MeV electron-irradiated n-type 6H silicon carbideLam, CH; Lam, TW; Ling, CC; Fung, S; Beling, CD; DeSheng, H; Huimin, W2004171
Synthesis and luminescence behaviour of mixed-metal rhenium(I)-copper(I) and -silver(I) alkynyl complexesWingWah Yam, V; Lo, WY; Lam, CH; KitMai Fung, W; ManChung Wong, K; ChorYue Lau, V; Zhu, N2003169
An oscillating C22- unit inside a copper rectangleLo, WY; Lam, CH; Fung, WKM; Sun, HZ; Yam, VWW; Balcells, D; Maseras, F; Eisenstein, O200369
Is the Ga vacancy related defect the residual acceptor of gallium antimonide?Ling, FCC; Chen, X; Weng, HM; Hang, DS; Lui, MKP; Lam, CH; Cheah, KW; Li, KF; Mui, WK; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY2003129
Vacancies in electron irradiated 6H silicon carbide studied by positron annihilation spectroscopyLam, CH; Ling, CC; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Weng, HM; Hang, DS2003328
Syntheses and luminescence behavior of tetranuclear copper(I) diynyl complexes: X-ray crystal structure of [Cu 4(PPh 3) 4(μ 3-η 1-C≡C-C≡CPh) 4]Yam, VWW; Lam, CH; Zhu, N200258
Synthesis, characterization and luminescence behaviour of trinuclear copper(I) diynyl complexesLo, WY; Lam, CH; Cheung, KK; Zhu, N; Yam, VWW200297
Gallium vacancy and the residual acceptor in undoped GaSb studied by positron lifetime spectroscopy and photoluminescenceLing, CC; Mui, WK; Lam, CH; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Lui, MK; Cheah, KW; Li, KF; Zhao, YW; Gong, M2002455
Syntheses, photophysics, and photochemistry of trinuclear copper(I) thiolate and hexanuclear copper(I) selenolate complexes: X-ray crystal structures of [Cu6(μ3-dppm) 4(μ3-SePh)4](BF4)2 and [Cu6{μ-(Ph2P)2NH}4(μ3-SePh)4](BF4)2Yam, VWW; Lam, CH; Fung, KM; Cheung, KK200157
Syntheses and luminescence behaviour of dinuclear copper(I) selenolate and tellurolate complexes. X-ray crystal structures of [Cu 2(μ-dppm) 2(μ-SePh)]BF 4 and [Cu 2(μ-dppm) 2(μ-TePh)]BF 4Yam, VWW; Lam, CH; Cheung, KK200152
Positron annihilation spectroscopic studies of 6H silicon carbideHu, YF; Lam, CH; Ling, CC; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Weng, HM2001144
Synthesis, luminescence and ion-binding studies of a trinuclear copper(I) acetylide complex containing benzo-15-crown-5. X-ray crystal structure of [cu 3(μ-dppm) 3(μ 3-η 1- C≡C-benzo-15-crown-5) 2]pf 6Yam, VWW; Lam, CH; Cheung, KK200163
Heterobimetallic µ-nitrido complexes containing ruthenium(II) dithiocarbamateZheng, H; Leung, WH; Chim, JLC; Lai, W; Lam, CH; Williams, ID; Wong, WT2000133
Ultrasound-guided hydrostatic reduction of childhood intussusception: technique and demonstration.Khong, PL; Peh, WC; Lam, CH; Chan, KL; Cheng, W; Lam, WW; Ai, VH; Saing, H; Tam, PK; Leong, LL; Low, LC2000137
A driven diffusion equation approach for optimization of a digital spectrum stabilizerLam, CH; Beling, CD; Mackeown, PK; Au, HL; Fung, S1995120
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