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Regulating insider dealing in Hong Kong: Challenges and the road ahead for enforcement and prosecutionLam, C; Goo, SH201338
Impact of the cessation of free infant formula in public hospitals on hospital practices and the duration and exclusivity of breastfeedingTarrant, M; Fong, DYT; Lee, ILY; Wong, E; Sham, A; Lam, C; Bai, DL; Wu, KM; Dodgson, JE201331
Energy and entropy effects in dissociation of peptide radical anionsLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK2012111
F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose non-avid hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma: A diagnostic pitfallHo, SL; Loong, F; Lam, C; Anthony, MP; Kwong, YL2012248
Impact of Baby-Friendly Hospital Practices on Breastfeeding in Hong KongTarrant, M; Wu, KM; Fong, DYT; Lee, ILY; Wong, EMY; Sham, A; Lam, C; Dodgson, JE2011244
Impact of baby-friendly hospital practices on breastfeeding in Hong KongTarrant, AM; Wu, KM; Fong, DYT; Lee, ILY; Wong, EMY; Lam, C; Dodgson, JE201198
Polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) alter larval settlement of marine benthic polychaetesLam, C; Neumann, R; Shin, PKS; Au, DWT; Qian, PY; Wu, RSS2010752
Diffuse osteosclerosis complicating hairy cell leukemiaLeung, R; Lopes, D; Lam, C; Wong, KF; Kung, AWC; Kwong, YL2010552
Effect of the basic residue on the energetics, dynamics, and mechanisms of gas-phase fragmentation of protonated peptidesLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Song, T; Lam, C; Chu, IK2010143
Breastfeeding and weaning practices among Hong Kong mothers: A prospective studyTarrant, M; Fong, DYT; Wu, KM; Lee, ILY; Wong, EMY; Sham, A; Lam, C; Dodgson, JE2010238
Primary care in Hong Kong: a lessson about competitionIliffe, S; Woo, J; Lam, C; Tang, J2010159
A study of dental caries status of pre-school children in Hong KongChu, CH; Chan, LHW; Chee, C; Ho, KW; Ho, PL; Lam, C; Liu, HN; Lui, WY; Sum, CK; Yau, SW2009123
Occlusal features of primary dentition in Chinese preschool childrenHo, PL; Liu, HN; Lam, C; Chu, CH; Lo, ECM2009253
The effect of the secondary structure on dissociation of peptide radical cations: Fragmentation of angiotensin III and its analoguesYang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK; Laskin, J2008324
Apply solution-focused questions with primary school pupils: a Hong Kong teacher's reflectionsLam, C; Yuen, MT200894
Charge-remote fragmentation of odd-electron peptide ionsLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Lam, C; Chu, IK2007208
Randomised controlled study of treatment for mild and moderate sleep apnoeaIp, M; Yam, L; Lam, C; Sam, K2007195
A randomized controlled study evaluating the safety and efficacy of deferiprone treatment in thalassemia major patients from Hong KongHa, SY; Chik, KW; Ling, SC; Lee, A; Luk, CW; Lam, C; Ng, I; Chan, G2006202
Cerebral infarction in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia treated with low dose E. coli AsparaginasePesqueraLepatan, LM; Chan, GCF; Lam, C; Ho, MHK; Lee, TL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Lau, YL2006132
A Chinese family with hemophilia B leyden due to T→A transition at position +6 of the FIX gene [4]Chan, V; Ha, SY; Au, P; Lam, C; Chan, TK200679
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