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Ophthalmic manifestations and risk factors for mortality of HIV patients in the post-highly active anti-retroviral therapy eraLai, TYY; Wong, RL; Luk, FO; Chow, VW; Chan, CK; Lam, DS201186
Novel and homozygous best1 mutations in chinese patients with best vitelliform macular dystrophyWong, RLM; Hou, P; Choy, KW; Chiang, SWY; Tam, POS; Li, H; Chan, WM; Lam, DSC; Pang, CP; Lai, TYY2010159
Factors associated with variability in response of diabetic macular oedema after intravitreal triamcinoloneMohamed, S; Leung, GM; Chan, CKM; Lai, TYY; Lee, VYW; Liu, DTL; Li, KKW; Li, PSH; Lam, DSC200995
Peripheral and posterior pole retinal lesions in association with high myopia: A cross-sectional community-based study in Hong KongLai, TYY; Fan, DSP; Lai, WWK; Lam, DSC2008195
Quality of reporting of key methodological items of randomized controlled trials in clinical ophthalmic journalsLai, TYY; Wong, VWY; Lam, RF; Cheng, ACO; Lam, DSC; Leung, GM200799
Results of high-density silicone oil as a tamponade agent in macular hole retinal detachment in patients with high myopiaCheung, BTO; Lai, TYY; Yuen, CYF; Lai, WWK; Tsang, CW; Lam, DSC2007170
Results of trabeculectomy with adjunctive intraoperative mitomycin C in Chinese patients with glaucomaTham, CCY; Lai, JSM; Poon, ASY; Lai, TYY; Lam, DSC200667
How evidence-based are publications in clinical ophthalmic journals?Lai, TYY; Leung, GM; Wong, VWY; Lam, RF; Cheng, ACO; Lam, DSC200695
Retinal ganglion cells toxicity caused by photosensitising effects of intravitreal indocyanine green with illumination in rat eyesYip, HKF; Lai, TYY; So, KF; Kwok, AKH2006217
Phacoemulsification with intravitreal triamcinolone in patients with cataract and coexisting diabetic macular oedema: A 6-month prospective pilot studyLam, DSC; Chan, CKM; Mohamed, S; Lai, TYY; Lee, VYW; Lai, WW; Fan, DSP; Chan, WM200569
Physicians' perceptions towards the impact of and willingness to pay for clinical computerization in Hong KongLeung, GM; Yeung, RYT; Lai, TYY; Johnston, JM; Tin, KYK; Wong, IOL; Woo, PPS; Ho, LM2004136
Do doctors act on their self-reported intention to computerize? A follow-up population-based survey in Hong KongLai, TYY; Leung, GM; Wong, IOL; Johnston, JM200458
Is ophthalmology evidence based? A clinical audit of the emergency unit of a regional eye hospitalLai, TYY; Wong, VWY; Leung, GM2003282
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