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Enhanced Structural and Magnetic Ordering of FePt/TiOx Bilayers by Ion-Beam Deposition and AnnealingLi, G; Leung, CW; Wu, Y; Sun, A; Hsu, J; Lai, P; Lin, K; Pong, PWT201315
Patterning Micro-and Nano-Structured FePt by Direct Imprint LithographyLi, G; Dong, Q; Xin, J; Leung, C; Lai, P; Wong, W; Pong, PWT201316
Size dependence on thermally excited mag-noise spatial distribution in magnetic tunnel junction sensorsZeng, T; Zhou, Y; Lin, K; Lai, P; Pong, PWT201325
Validation of rules used in foxy peer-to-peer network investigationsIeong, R; Chow, KP; Lai, P201261
Review of noise sources in magnetic tunnel junction sensorsLei, Z; Li, G; Egelhoff, WF; Lai, P; Pong, PWT201113
Patterning of FePt for magnetic recordingLi, G; Leung, C; Lei, Z; Lin, K; Lai, P; Pong, PWT201114
Magnetic tunnel junction sensors with conetic alloyLei, Z; Li, G; Egelhoff, WF; Lai, P; Pong, PWT201110
Detection of Iron–Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Magnetic Tunnel Junction Sensors With Conetic AlloyLei, Z; Leung, C; Li, L; Li, G; Feng, G; Castillo, A; Chen, P; Lai, P; Pong, PWT20119
Primate-specific microRNA-637 inhibits tumorigenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma by disrupting signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 signalingZhang, JF; He, ML; Fu, WM; Wang, H; Chen, LZ; Zhu, X; Chen, Y; Xie, D; Lai, P; Chen, G; Lu, G; Lin, MC; Kung, HF201196
Critical thinkingTiwari, AFY; Lai, P2010105
An analysis of the Green Dam Youth Escort softwareLi, F; Chan, H; Chow, KP; Lai, P2010101
Identifying first seeders in foxy peer to peer networksIeong, R; Lai, P; Chow, KP; Kwan, M; Law, F2010100
Identifying volatile data from multiple memory dumps in live forensicsLaw, F; Chan, P; Yiu, SM; Tang, B; Lai, P; Chow, KP; Ieong, R; Kwan, M; Hon, WK; Hui, L2010101
Evaluation of evidence in internet auction fraud investigationsKwan, M; Overill, R; Chow, KP; Silomon, J; Tse, H; Law, F; Lai, P2010239
Reasoning about evidence using Bayesian networksKwan, M; Chow, KP; Law, F; Lai, P200896
A comparison of the effects of problem-based learning and lecturing on the development of students' critical thinkingTiwari, A; Lai, P; So, M; Yuen, K2006290
An evaluation of the effectiveness of PBL in enhancing students' critical thinkingTiwari, AFY; Lai, P; Yuen, FKH; So, M200481
Critical thinking disposition of Hong Kong Chinese and Australian nursing studentsTiwari, A; Avery, A; Lai, P2003110
Applying the context-based problem-based learning (PBL) model in graduate educationTiwari, AFY; Wong, CM; Lai, P200171
The effectiveness of context-based problem-based learning (PBL) model in promoting student learningTiwari, AFY; Wong, CM; Lai, P200171
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