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Questioning and the quality of knowledge constructed in a CSCL context: a study on two grade-levels of studentsLai, M; Law, N201390
Questioning and the quality of knowledge ideas in a CSCL context: A study on two age-groups of studentsLai, M; Law, N201172
Some discourse mechanisms for knowledge advancement in a CSCL contextLai, M; Law, N201160
Knowledge building in society 2.0: challenges and opportunitiesLu, J; Lai, M; Law, NWY201071
Adopting RFID for body parts tagging: A Local Association Network approachLuo, Z; Lai, M; Tse, WP; Cheung, M; Ting, JWM; Wong, PWL; Chan, SKY; So, KF; Tipoe, GL2010176
New experiences, new epistemology, and the pressures of change: the Chinese learner in transitionLaw, NWY; Yuen, HK; Chan, CKK; Yuen, JKL; Pan, FCN; Lai, M; Lee, VSL200993
Characterizing patterns of interaction in knowledge building discourseLeng, J; Lai, M; Law, N2008106
Understanding Knowledge Building from multiple perspectivesLaw, NWY; Lu, J; Leng, J; Yuen, KLJ; Lai, M200898
Understanding knowledge building from multiple perspectivesLaw, NWY; Lu, J; Leng, J; Yuen, JKL; Lai, M2008127
Peer Scaffolding of Knowledge Building through Collaboration of Groups with Differential Learning ExperiencesLai, M; Law, NWY2007188
The quest for scaling up and sustaining the knowledge building approach in Hong Kong schoolsLaw, NWY; Chan, CKK; Yuen, HK; Yuen, J; Pan, N; Ma, S; Lai, M; Lee, YCE200657
Peer scaffolding of knowledge building through collaborative groups with differential learning experiencesLai, M; Law, N200699
Scaffolding at the Inter-group Level: An International Collaboration Experience between Hong Kong and Canada StudentsLai, M2006312
Knowledge Building and Conceptual ChangeLaw, NWY; Lai, M; Yuen, JKL; Wong, EML200491
Laboratory diagnosis of four recent sporadic cases of community-acquired SARS, Guangdong Province, ChinaLiang, G; Chen, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Lim, W; Peiris, JSM; Anderson, LJ; Ruan, L; Li, H; Kan, B; Di, B; Cheng, P; Chan, KH; Erdman, DD; Gu, S; Yan, X; Liang, W; Zhou, D; Haynes, L; Duan, S; Zhang, X; Zheng, H; Gao, Y; Tong, S; Li, D; Fang, L; Qin, P; Xu, W; Huang, J; Wan, Z; Zheng, K; Li, J; Deng, X; Diao, L; Zhou, H; Huang, P; Zhang, W; Zheng, H; Zhong, H; Xie, S; Li, W; Wang, J; Zhong, Y; Lin, J; Yan, M; Wang, H; Li, W; Zhang, E; Hao, Q; Dong, X; Wang, H; Zhou, W; Zhang, L; Wang, W; Zhuang, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, Q; Zhu, Z; Zhang, Y; Lai, M; Choy, P; Poon, LLM; Guan, Y; Peret, T; Felton, K; Emery, S; Chern, S; Cook, B; Lu, X; Tamin, A; Miao, C; Dillon, M200496
Students’ Online Participation Patterns in KnowledgeYuen, HK; Law, NWY; Lai, M; Yuen, JWK; Wong, EML200483
The Influence of Parenting on the Youth in Relation to the Impact of the InternetLaw, NWY; Yuen, HK; Chau, AWL; Lai, M2003875
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