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Circulating Biomarkers for Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaLai, KK; Chan, KT; Fatima, S; Lee, NPY; Law, SYK201327
Message from general co-chairs and program co-chairsLai, KK; Wang, S; Ching, WK; Yu, L201182
Message from general co-chairs and program co-chairsLai, KK; Song, Y; Wang, S; Ching, WK; Jin, H; Li, J; Mishra, SK; Yu, L2010117
〈讀上博楚竹書(二)《從政》甲篇' 愄(威)則民不道”小識〉Sin, CY; Lai, KK2008147
〈讀上博楚竹書《從政》甲篇'丙則亡新”札記〉Sin, CY; Lai, KK2007118
An interpretive analysis of the phrase '獄則興' in the essay 'Congzheng I' 從政甲篇 in bacth two of the Shanghai bamboo slipsSin, CY; Lai, KK2006125
Analysis of optimal opportunistic replenishment policies for inventory systems by using a (s,S) model with a maximum issue quantity restrictionMak, KL; Lai, KK; Ng, WC; Yiu, KFC200597
Three-year study of targeted screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus at hospital admissionQue, TL; Ho, PL; Yip, KT; Ng, HL; Leung, FY; Lai, KK; Yuen, KY2003139
Computing optimal (s, S) policies for inventory systems with a cut-off transaction size and the option of joint replenishmentHollier, RH; Mak, KL; Lai, KK2002105
Computing customer service for inventory systems with a maximum issue quantity restriction when the demand is stuttering Poison distributedWong, TW; Mak, KL; Lai, KK199694
Optimal (s, S) policy for an inventory system when the demand can be partially satisfiedMak, KL; Lai, KK199567
The determination of optimal partial fill policy for an inventory system with lumpy demand itemsMak, KL; Lai, KK199575
Maximum issue quantity problem for inventory systems when demand is lumpyMak, KL; Lai, KK199572
Determination of the optimal maximum issue quantity for lumpy demand items when controlled by an (s, S) policyMak, KL; Lai, KK199574
Reactivity of Ru(OAc)2(Ph3P)2 toward chelating diphosphine ligands. X-ray crystal structures of fac-Ru(OAc)2(Ph3P) (dppm) and trans-Ru(OAc)2(P2N2H4)Wong, WK; Lai, KK; Tse, MS; Tse, MC; Gao, JX; Wong, WT; Chan, S1994118
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