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A pharmacy-led bar-code assisted medication administration system – changes to the pharmacy process and user attitudes.Samaranayake, NR; Cheung, STD; Cheng, K; Lai, K; Chui, CMW; Cheung, BMY201252
Core-periphery structure of destination image: concept, evidence and implicationLai, K; Li, Y2012103
Water effect ratio and its application on setting site-specific water quality criteria for protecting marine ecosystems of Hong KongLeung, KMY; Bao, W; Lai, K; Mak, E; MAK, KY201224
A longitudinal study of serial BODE indices in predicting mortality and readmissions for COPDKo, FWS; Tam, W; Tung, AHM; Ngai, J; Ng, SSS; Lai, K; Au, KF; Hui, DSC2011169
Incidence of gastroduodenal ulcers during treatment with celecoxib or diclofenac: Pooled results from three 12-week trials in Chinese patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritisCheung, R; Cheng, TT; Dong, Y; Lin, HY; Lai, K; Lau, CS; Feng, H; Parsons, B2010230
Cell cycle-dependent expression of potassium channels and cell proliferation in rat mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrowDeng, XL; Lau, CP; Lai, K; Cheung, KF; Lau, GK; Li, GR2007146
The problem of 'Guanxi' for actualizing community tourism: A case study of relationship networking in ChinaLi, Y; Lai, K; Feng, X200764
Gap between tourism planning and implementation: A case of ChinaLai, K; Li, Y; Feng, X200672
Esomeprazole With Aspirin Versus Clopidogrel for Prevention of Recurrent Gastrointestinal Ulcer ComplicationsLai, K; Chu, K; Hui, W; Wong, BC; Hung, W; Loo, C; Hu, WH; Chan, AO; Kwok, K; Fung, T; Wong, J; Lam, S2006174
Optimum mask and source patterns to print a given shapeRosenbluth, AE; Bukofsky, S; Fonseca, S; Hibbs, M; Lai, K; Molless, A; Singh, RN; Wong, AKK2002808
Optimum mask and source patterns to print a given shapeRosenbluth, AE; Bukofsky, SJ; Hibbs, MS; Lai, K; Molless, AF; Singh, RN; Wong, AKK2001737
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