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Mutational analysis of 65 Wilson disease patients in Hong Kong Chinese: Identification of 17 novel mutations and its genetic heterogeneityMak, CM; Lam, CW; Tam, S; Lai, CL; Chan, LY; Fan, ST; Lau, YL; Lai, JY; Yuen, P; Hui, J; Fu, CC; Wong, KS; Mak, WL; Tze, K; Tong, SF; Lau, A; Leung, N; Hui, A; Cheung, KM; Ko, CH; Chan, YK; Ma, O; Chau, TN; Chiu, A; Chan, YW2008226
Sustained disease remission after spontaneous HBeAg seroconversion is associated with reduction in fibrosis progression in chronic hepatitis B Chinese patientsHui, CK; Leung, N; Shek, TWH; Yao, H; Lee, WK; Lai, JY; Lai, ST; Wong, WM; Lai, LSW; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Lau, GKK2007176
The use of transient elastography as a preoperative assessment of hepatic resection (Abstract)Lai, L; Hui, CK; Poon, RTP; Shek, TWH; Lai, ST; Lai, JY; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Leung, N; Lau, G2007104
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