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Effect of physical restraint reduction on older patients' hospital length of stayKwok, T; Bai, X; Chui, MYP; Lai, CKY; Ho, DWH; Ho, FKY; Woo, J2012182
Factors associated with the quality of life of residents in a nursing homeLai, CKY; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY; Lee, RLP; Chan, KS201190
Predictors of mortality in institutionalized elderly population in Hong KongLai, CKY; Chan, KS; Leung, DDM201156
Rapid assessment of a helpdesk service supporting severe acute respiratory syndrome patients and their relativesChung, JWY; Wong, TKS; Chang, KKP; Chow, CB; Chung, BPM; Chung, G; Ho, S; Ho, JSC; Lai, CKY; Lai, A; Lam, VSF; Lau, J; Liu, J; Mok, E; Wong, D200484
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