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Superior mesenteric artery syndrome complicating dialysis patients with peritoneal failure - Report of 3 casesYap, DYH; Ma, MKM; Lai, ASH; Chan, SY; Seto, WK; Lam, MF; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2011180
The Case Recurrent oral ulcers and diarrhea in a renal transplant patientLai, KN; Lai, ASH; Yap, DYH; Ng, MMT200950
Improvement in sleep apnea during nocturnal peritoneal dialysis is associated with reduced airway congestion and better uremic clearanceTang, SCW; Lam, B; Lai, ASH; Pang, CBY; Tso, WK; Khong, PL; Ip, MSM; Lai, KN2009395
Inability to start hemodialysis after a smooth temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion procedureTang, SCW; Lee, R; Tse, KC; Lai, ASH; Lai, KN2007145
Viral nephropathyLai, ASH; Lai, KN2006106
Molecular basis of IgA nephropathyLai, ASH; Lai, KN200597
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