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TWIST modulates prostate cancer cell-mediated bone cell activity and is upregulated by osteogenic inductionYuen, HF; Kwok, WK; Chan, KK; Chua, CW; Chan, YP; Chu, YY; Wong, YC; Wang, X; Chan, KW2008567
The role of TWIST in immortalized non-malignant prostate epithelial cells (PrEC)Kwok, WK; Wong, YC; Wang, X200767
Role of p14ARF in TWIST-mediated senescence in prostate epithelial cellsKwok, WK; Ling, MT; Yuen, HF; Wong, YC; Wang, X2007105
Intussusception trends in Hong Kong childrenNelson, EAS; Chiu, SSS; Ip, KS; Lau, D; Lau, YL; Ng, CH; Ng, DK; Poon, KH; Yiu, WL; Kwok, WK; Tam, PKH; Yeung, CK; Tam, JS; Bock, H; Boudville, I; Tang, HH2007159
Upregulation of Twist in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma is associated with neoplastic transformation and distant metastasisYuen, HF; Chan, YP; Wong, MLY; Kwok, WK; Chan, KK; Lee, PY; Srivastava, G; Law, SYK; Wong, YC; Wang, X; Chan, KW2007218
Twist overexpression correlates with hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis through induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transitionLee, TK; Poon, RTP; Yuen, AP; Ling, MT; Kwok, WK; Wang, XH; Wong, YC; Guan, XY; Man, K; Chau, KL; Fan, ST2006151
Proteasome mediated degradation of Id-1 is associated with TNFα-induced apoptosis in prostate cancer cellsLing, MT; Kwok, WK; Fung, MK; Xianghong, W; Wong, YC2006114
Downregulation of Id1 through proteasome mediated degradaton is essential for TNF-a induced apoptosis in prostate cancer cellsWong, YC; Ling, MT; Kwok, WK; Fung, KL; Wang, X200596
Upregulation of TWIST in prostate cancer and its implication as a therapeutic targetKwok, WK; Wong, YC; Wang, X200566
Overexpression of Id-1 promotes growth and angiogenesis in prostate cancer through activation of VEGFLing, MT; Lau, TCM; Chu, Q; Zhou, C; Kwok, WK; Wang, X; Wong, YC200576
Up-regulation of TWIST in prostate cancer and its implication as a therapeutic targetKwok, WK; Ling, MT; Lee, TW; Lau, TCM; Zhou, C; Zhang, X; Chua, CW; Chan, KW; Chan, FL; Glackin, C; Wong, YC; Wang, X2005129
Overexpression of Id-1 in prostate cancer cells promotes angiogenesis through the activation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)Ling, MT; Lau, TCM; Zhou, C; Chua, CW; Kwok, WK; Wang, Q; Wang, X; Wong, YC200584
A regimen of systematic periodontal care after removal of impacted mandibular third molars manages periodontal pockets associated with the mandibular second molarsLeung, WK; Corbet, EF; Kwok, WK; Lo, ECM; Liu, JKS2005243
Safety Training and Education for the Construction Industry in Hong KongWong, KW; Kwok, WK; Poon, SW2003274
Residual periodontal defects distal to the mandibular second molar 6-36 months after impacted third molar extraction: A retrospective cross-sectional study of young adultsKwok, WK; Liu, JKS; Lo, ECM; Corbet, EF; Leung, WK2002297
Perception of construction professionals on construction safety and imminent need in health and safety training in Hong KongPoon, SW; Kwok, WK; Tang, SL1996177
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