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Pilot study of a multi-centre nurse-led continence care programme for management of urinary problems in primary care.CHOI, PH; Lam, CLK; Chin, WY; Dai, D; Kwok, R201312
Risk associations of obesity with sugar-sweetened beverages and lifestyle factors in Chinese: The Better Health for Better Hong Kong health promotion campaignKo, GT; So, WY; Chow, CC; Wong, PT; Tong, SD; Hui, SS; Kwok, R; Chan, A; Chan, CL; Chan, JC201082
Associations between dietary habits and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in a Hong Kong Chinese working population - The "Better Health for Better Hong Kong" (BHBHK) health promotion campaignKo, GTC; Chan, JCN; Tong, SDY; Chan, AWY; Wong, PTS; Hui, SSC; Kwok, R; Chan, CLW200782
Gender specific predictors of smoking cessation in public hospital smoking cessation centres in Hong KongMak, YW; Chan, SSC; Wong, V; Kwok, R; Dai, D; Abdullah, ASM; Lam, TH200772
The effects of gelomyrtol forte on human ciliary beat frequency in vitro, 9th Congress of Asian Pacific Society of RespirologyKwok, R; Leung, YH; Sun, JZ; Yan, CPK; Ooi, CGC; Ho, PL; Ho, JCM; Tipoe, GL; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2004225
Democratization in turmoil? Elections in Hong KongChan, E; Kwok, R199976
Statistical and Dynamic Relationships among Gaseous Pollutants from Automobiles in Urban Hong KongNg, CN; Kwok, R199991
Fuzzy Logic Approach of Meteorological Factors Impacts on Urban Air Pollution Species: A Hong Kong Case StudyNg, CN; Pokrovsky, OM; Kwok, R199983
Attitudes of women toward work in socialist and capitalist cities: A comparative study of Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong KongChan, C; Law, CK; Kwok, R199271
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