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Maternally inherited leigh syndrome: An unusual cause of infantile apneaChau, CSK; Kwok, KL; Ng, DK; Lam, CW; Tong, SF; Chan, YW; Siu, WK; Yuen, YP2010210
Identifying the Service Gaps in the Management of Severe Systemic Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis by Paediatrics Departments of the the Hospital AuthorityHo, MHK; Wong, LM; Ling, SC; Lee, KP; Cheng, WW; Hui, J; Lau, DCY; Ng, KL; Wong, D; Kwok, KL; Kwan, EYW2010119
Phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) mRNA expression is stimulated by developing embryos in the oviductLee, KF; Kwok, KL; Chung, MK; Lee, YL; Chow, JFC; Yeung, WSB200596
Kawasaki disease in Hong Kong, 1994 to 2000Ng, YM; Sung, RYT; So, LY; Fong, NC; Ho, MHK; Cheng, YW; Lee, SH; Mak, WC; Wong, DML; Yam, MC; Kwok, KL; Chiu, WK2005394
Embryotrophic factor-3 from human oviductal cells enhances proliferation, suppresses apoptosis and stimulates the expression of the β1 subunit of sodium-potassium ATPase in mouse embryosXu, JS; Lee, YL; Lee, KF; Kwok, KL; Lee, WM; Luk, JM; Yeung, WSB200477
Endothelial dysfunction and sleep apnea [3] (multiple letters)Ng, DK; Kwok, KL; Herrington, D; Benjamin, E; Nieto, FJ; Redline, S; Robbins, J; Ip, M; Tse, HF; Lam, B; Imadojemu, VA; Sinoway, LI; Leuenberger, UA200468
Preimplantation embryos and progesterone stimulate demilune cell and parotid protein (DCPP) expression in the murine oviductLee, CKF; Lee, CYL; Xu, J; Kwok, KL; Yeung, WSB200472
BP and arterial distensibility in children with primary snoringKwok, KL; Ng, DKK; Cheung, YF200361
Demilune cell and parotid protein (DCPP) messenger RNA expression in mouse oviduct: hormonal regulation and embryo developmentLee, CKF; Kwok, KL; Ngan, ESW; Xu, J; Yeung, WSB2003115
Embryotrophic factor-3 from human oviductal cells affects the messenger RNA expression of mouse blastocystLee, YL; Lee, KF; Xu, JS; Kwok, KL; Luk, JM; Lee, WM; Yeung, WSB200384
Early developing embryos affecting the gene expression patterns in the mouse oviductLee, CKF; Yao, YQ; Kwok, KL; Xu, J; Yeung, WSB200288
Early developing embryos affect the gene expression patterns in the mouse oviductLee, KF; Yao, YQ; Kwok, KL; Xu, JS; Yeung, WSB2002134
Secretory proteins from the mouse oviductLee, CKF; Yao, Y; Kwok, KL; Xu, J; Yeung, WSB200273
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome presented as failure to thrive in a Down's syndrome childHui, HNT; Ng, DKK; Hui, Y; Kwok, KL; Chau, KW2001274
Suppression subtractive hybridization identifies genes expressed in oviduct during mouse preimplantation periodLee, KF; Kwok, KL; Yeung, WSB2000117
Detection of BRCA-1 mutations in Chinese breast cancer patientsKhoo, US; Kwok, KL; Cheung, ANY; Chung, LP; Ozcelik, H; Chow, LWC; Au, GHK; Loong, F; Ip, PPC; Ng, WF; Poon, CSP; Leung, YF; Ho, FCS199697
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