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Surface electrography (sEMG) topography for low back pain assessmentHu, Y; Mak, JNF; Kwok, HY; Luk, KDK2010108
Flexion-relaxation ratio in sitting: Application in low back pain rehabilitationMak, JNF; Hu, Y; Cheng, ACS; Kwok, HY; Chen, YH; Luk, KDK2010145
Fear of movement/(re)injury in chinese patients with chronic pain: Factorial validity of the chinese version of the Tampa Scale for KinesiophobiaWong, WS; Kwok, HY; Luk, KDK; Chow, YF; Mak, KH; Tam, BKH; Wong, ET; Fielding, R2010178
Implantation of a breathing pacemaker in a tetraplegic patient in Hong KongLam, JCM; Ho, CTK; Poon, TL; Kwok, HY; Wong, RK; Chiu, SW; Ip, MSM20091,377
A multidisciplinary chronic back pain program - the clinical results of 85 patientsKwok, HY; Lie, CWH; Cheng, ACS; Chan, YK; Wong, YW; Luk, KDK200474
The physical outcomes of a multidisciplinary chronic low back pain programCheng, ACS; Kwok, HY; Wong, YW; Luk, KDK; Chan, YK200478
Limited open reduction and Ilizarov external fixation in the treatment of distal tibial fracturesLeung, F; Kwok, HY; Pun, TS; Chow, SP2004276
Hydroxyapatite coated total hip replacement - a review of 77 hips followed up for 2 yearsKwok, HY; Chiu, PKY199974
The use of spiral blade module in unreamed femoral nail (UFN) - The experience of 16 casesKwok, HY; Leung, KL; Poon, TL; Chow, SP199975
Hydroxyapatite coated THR - Early results in Hong KongChiu, PKY; Kwok, HY199771
Hydroxylapatite coated implant - QMH experienceChiu, PKY; Kwok, HY199679
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