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Involvement of organic cation transporter-3 and plasma membrane monoamine transporter in serotonin uptake in human brain vascular smooth muscle cellsLi, WSR; Yang, C; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH201327
Acute simvastatin inhibits KATP channels of porcine coronary artery myocytesSeto, SW; Au, ALS; Poon, CCW; Zhang, Q; Li, RWS; Yeung, JHK; Kong, SK; Ngai, SM; Wan, S; Ho, HP; Lee, SMY; Hoi, MPM; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Kwan, YW201331
Metabolism of calycosin, an isoflavone from Astragali Radix, in zebrafish larvaeHu, G; Siu, SO; Li, S; Chu, IK; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Yan, R; Lee, SMY2012130
Inhibitory effect of emodin on human equilibrative nucleoside transporters and its potential implication in enhancing the anti-cancer activity of gemcitabineLin, SYT; Li, RWS; Zhang, Y; Kwan, YW; Leung, GPH201297
Danshensu is the major marker for the antioxidant and vasorelaxation effects of Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) water-extracts produced by different heat water-extractionsZhou, X; Chan, SW; Tseng, HL; Deng, Y; Hoi, PM; Choi, PS; Or, PM; yang, JM; Lam, FF; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH; Kong, SK; Ho, HP; Kwan, YW; Yeung, JH201229
EPAC1 induces vasodilation on porcine coronary artery smooth muscle by Rho kinase I nhibition in a RAP1-independent pathwayKwan, YW; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK201272
Serum nitric oxide synthase activity is a novel predictor of impaired vasorelaxation in rats.Chan, E; Chan, JY; Wu, JH; Wan, CW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW201229
Pro-angiogenic activity of astragaloside IV in HUVECs in vitro and zebrafish in vivoZhang, Y; Hu, G; Li, S; Li, ZH; Lam, CO; Hong, SJ; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY2012138
The vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects of ADTM, a synthetic dimer of Danshensu and tetramethlpyrazineLi, RWS; Wang, Y; Lee, SMY; Chan, SW; Kwan, YW; Leung, GPH201257
A review of the pharmacological effects of Arctium lappa (burdock)Chan, YS; Cheng, LN; Wu, JH; Chan, E; Kwan, YW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH; Yu, PHF; Chan, SW2011111
Effects of emodin on nucleside transporters in endothelial cellsLin, YT; Li, RWS; Sit, SM; Kwan, YW; Leung, GPH201168
Combined in vivo imaging and omics approaches reveal metabolism of icaritin and its glycosides in zebrafish larvaeLi, ZH; Alex, D; Siu, SO; Chu, IK; Renn, J; Winkler, C; Lou, S; Tsui, SKW; Zhao, HY; Yan, WR; Mahady, GB; Li, GH; Kwan, YW; Wang, YT; Lee, SMY2011188
Epac-selective cyclic-AMP analog, 8-pCPT-2'-O-Me-cAMP, induced vasodilation in porcine coronary artery by rap1-independent mannerKwan, YW; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK201178
Transcriptional profiling of angiogenesis activities of calycosin in zebrafishLi, S; Lou, S; Lei, BUW; Chan, TF; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Tsui, SKW; Lee, SMY201184
Extract of scutellaria baicalensis georgi root exerts protection against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in ratsChan, E; Liu, XX; Guo, DJ; Kwan, YW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Chan, SW2011135
Ergothioneine shows protective effect on endothelial cells in oxidative stressSit, ASM; Ho, EYW; Li, RWS; Man, RYK; Kwan, YW; Vanhoutte, PM; Leung, GPH201190
Folic acid consumption reduces resistin level and restores blunted acetylcholine-induced aortic relaxation in obese/diabetic miceSeto, SW; Lam, TY; Or, PMY; Lee, WYW; Au, ALS; Poon, CCW; Li, RWS; Chan, SW; Yeung, JHK; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Ngai, SM; Kwan, YW2010152
Viral load in patients infected with pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza A virusTo, KKW; Chan, KH; Li, IWS; Tsang, TY; Tse, H; Chan, JFW; Hung, IFN; Lai, ST; Leung, CW; Kwan, YW; Lau, YL; Ng, TK; Cheng, VCC; Peiris, JSM; Yuen, KY2010373
Protective effect of ergothioneine on ednothelial cell against oxidative stressSit, SM; Ho, YW; Li, RWS; Man, RYK; Kwan, YW; Hausman, M; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Leung, GPH2010105
14,15-Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid induces vasorelaxation through the prostaglandin EP2 receptors in rat mesenteric arteryYang, C; Kwan, YW; Au, ALS; Poon, CCW; Zhang, Q; Chan, SW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH2010221
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