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Predicting Mendelian Disease-Causing Non-Synonymous Single Nucleotide Variants in Exome Sequencing Studies
PLos Genet
Li, M; Kwan, SH; Bao, S; Yang, W; Ho, SL; Song, Y; Sham, PC201380
Selection strategies for sib-pair association studiesCherny, SS; Kwan, SH; Kung, AWC; Sham, PC2009176
Introduction to biometrical genetics
Statistical genetics : gene mapping through linkage and association
Taylor & Francis Group
Kwan, SH; Purcell, SM; Sham, PC2008153
Unsteady wind forces on cylinders with H-shaped cross sections
Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Wind Engineering
Lam, KM; To, AP; Kwan, SH1995122
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