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Adiponectin is protective against oxidative stress-induced cytotoxicity in amyloid-beta neurotoxicityChan, KH; Lam, KSL; Cheng, OY; Kwan, JSC; Ho, PWL; Cheng, KKY; Chung, SK; Ho, JWM; Guo, VY; Xu, A201389
Plasma amyloid-β oligomers level is a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease diagnosisZhou, L; Chan, KH; Chu, LW; Kwan, JSC; Song, YQ; Chen, LH; Ho, PWL; Cheng, OY; Ho, JWM; Lam, KSL2012156
Aquaporin-4 autoantibodies cause asymptomatic aquaporin-4 loss and activate astrocytes in mouseChan, KH; Zhang, R; Kwan, JSC; Guo, VY; Ho, PWL; Ho, JWM; Chu, ACY2012153
Brainstem encephalitis in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disordersLee, JCY; Pang, SYY; Lau, GKK; Teo, KC; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Kwan, JSC; Chan, KH2012127
Brain involvement in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disordersChan, KH; Tse, CT; Chung, CP; Lee, RLC; Kwan, JSC; Ho, PWL; Ho, JWM201175
Clinical outcome of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis among Hong Kong ChineseChan, KH; Tsang, KL; Ho, PWL; Tse, CT; Kwan, JSC; Ho, JWM; Chu, ACY; Chang, RSK; Ho, SL2011221
Cerebral involvement in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders among Hong Kong ChineseTse, CT; Chung, CP; Tse, MMY; Ho, SL; Cheung, KS; Kwan, JSC; Ho, PWL; Ho, JWM; Chan, KH2011123
Plasma amyloid beta peptides and oligomers antibodies in Alzheimer's diseaseZhou, L; Chu, LW; Kwan, JSC; Lam, KSL; Ho, PWL; Ho, JWM; Chan, KH2011233
Aquaporin-4 water channel expression by thymoma of patients with and without myasthenia gravisChan, KH; Kwan, JSC; Ho, PWL; Ho, SL; Chui, WH; Chu, ACY; Ho, JWM; Zhang, WY; Kung, MHW2010196
Aquaporin-4 autoantibodies in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: Comparison between tissue-based and cell-based indirect immunofluorescence assaysChan, KH; Kwan, JSC; Ho, PWL; Ho, JWM; Chu, ACY; Ramsden, DB2010170
Neuromyelitis optica-IgG in idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating disorders amongst Hong Kong ChineseChan, KH; Ramsden, DB; Yu, YL; Kwok, KHH; Chu, ACY; Ho, PWL; Kwan, JSC; Lee, R; Lim, E; Kung, MHW; Ho, SL2009182
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