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Esomeprazole compared with famotidine in the prevention of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with acute coronary syndrome or myocardial infarctionNg, FH; Tunggal, P; Chu, WM; Lam, KF; Li, A; Chan, K; Lau, YK; Kng, C; Keung, KK; Kwan, A; Wong, BCY2012176
Famotidine Is Inferior to Pantoprazole in Preventing Recurrence of Aspirin-Related Peptic Ulcers or ErosionsNg, F; Wong, S; Lam, K; Chu, W; Chan, P; Ling, Y; Kng, C; Yuen, W; Lau, Y; Kwan, A; Wong, BCY2010117
Filtering data streams for entity-based continuous queriesCheng, R; Kao, B; Kwan, A; Prabhakar, S; Tu, Y2010480
Health related quality of life in older people and implications on health care delivery in Hong KongLeung, A; Kwan, A; Cheung, J; Chan, SSC; Ngan, R; Lau, A; Ng, SH2005103
A study of quality of life among older people in Hong Kong: General profile and determinantsNgan, R; Kwan, A; Cheung, J; Chan, SSC; Leung, A; Lau, A; Ng, SH200577
Strength building and need fulfillment in services to promote older adults' quality of lifeCheung, J; Kwan, A; Ngan, R; Leung, A; Chan, SSC; Lau, A; Ng, S H200575
Quality of life in older adults: A health perspectiveKwan, A; Chan, SSC; Cheung, J; Ngan, R; Leung, A; Lau, A; Ng, SH200579
Adaptive stream filters for entity-based queries with non-value toleranceCheng, R; Kao, B; Prabhakar, S; Kwan, A; Tu, Y2005262
吞雲吐霧訴心聲Chan, SSC; Kwan, A200487
Applying an improved heuristic based optimiser to solve a set of challenging University timetabling problems: An experience reportTam, V; Ho, J; Kwan, A2004112
Supporting Pedagogical Practices Through the Interactive Learning Network (ILN)Innovative Pedagogical Practices Online Project Team; Kwan, A; Lee, S; Siu, F; Trinidad, S2003397
Development of automated school timetabling in Hong KongKwan, A2001487
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