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An intronic polymorphism in GRP78 improves chemotherapeutic prediction in non-small cell lung cancerZhu, X; Lin, MCM; Fan, W; Tian, L; Wang, J; Ng, SS; Wang, M; Kung, H; Li, D201296
An intronic variant in the GRP78, a stress-associated gene, improves prediction for liver cirrhosis in persistent HBV carriersZhu, X; Chen, L; Fan, W; Lin, MCM; Tian, L; Wang, M; Lin, S; Wang, Z; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yao, H; Kung, H; Li, D2011104
Heme oxygenase-1 system and gastrointestinal inflammation: A short reviewZhu, X; Fan, WG; Li, DP; Kung, H; Lin, MCM201186
Loss/down-regulation of tumor suppressor in lung cancer 1 expression is associated with tumor progression and is a biomarker of poor prognosis in ovarian carcinomaYang, G; He, W; Cai, M; Luo, F; Kung, H; Guan, X; Zeng, Y; Xie, D2011391
The 3′ UTR variants in the GRP78 are not associated with overall survival in resectable hepatocellular carcinomaZhu, X; Wang, F; Lin, MCM; Tian, L; Fan, W; Ng, SS; Liu, M; Huang, J; Xu, Z; Li, D; Kung, H2011183
No association between the haplotypic block in the 3′ UTR of GRP78 and risk of hepatocellular carcinomaZhu, X; Wang, J; Wang, Q; Zhang, Y; Chen, L; Tian, L; Shen, H; Lin, MCM; Wang, M; Xie, D; Kung, H201092
Heme oxygenase-1 system and gastrointestinal tumorsZhu, X; Fan, WG; Li, DP; Lin, MCM; Kung, H201087
Decreased expression of PinX1 protein is correlated with tumor development and is a new independent poor prognostic factor in ovarian carcinomaCai, M; Zhang, B; He, W; Yang, G; Rao, H; Rao, Z; Wu, Q; Guan, X; Kung, H; Zeng, Y; Xie, D2010282
Novel interaction between xiap-associated factor 1 (XAF1) and nuclear coactivator CBP in colon cancer. Digestive Disease Week 2006, 20-25 May, Los Angeles, USASun, Y; Xia, HHX; Zhu, S; Zou, B; Lin, MC; Kung, H; Wong, BCY200698
Interferon-β-induced expression of XAF1 requires phosphorylation of STAT1 and a sequential activation of protein kinase C and JNK in colon cancer. Digestive Disease Week 2006, 20-25 May, Los Angeles, USASun, Y; Wang, J; Xia, HHX; Zou, B; Lin, MC; Kung, H; Wong, BCY2006124
Treatment of Human and Rat Hepatocellular Carcinomas by Long Term Expression of rAAV-Mediated Transfer of Human TERTC27 PolypeptideLin, MC; Ng, SM; Gao, Y; Lum, CT; Yang, Z; Huang, J; Lau, G; Fan, ST; Kung, H200588
Novel HCC gene therapy by rAAV-mediated transfer of human TERTC27 polypeptide in human and rat hepatocellular carcinoma (Abstract)Ng, SM; Gao, Y; Lum, CT; Yang, Z; Huang, J; Lau, G; Fan, ST; Kung, H; Lin, MC2005233
rAAV-mediated long-term expression of endostatin significantly inhibits the progression of HCC (Abstract)Ng, SM; Gao, Y; Lum, CT; Yang, Z; Lau, G; Fan, ST; Kung, H; Lin, MC2005154
Adeno-associated virus mediated long term expression of human TERTC27 polypeptide inhibited glioblastoma carcinogenesis by multiple mechanismsNg, SM; Gao, Y; Huang, J; Huang, C; Kung, H; Lin, MC2005110
Down-regulation of XIAP associated factor 1 (XAF1) through Hsf-1 binding in the promoter regionWang, J; Gu, Q; He, H; Jiang, B; Zhuang, Z; Xia, HHX; Lin, MC; Lam, SK; Kung, H; Wong, BCY2005117
Hypermethylation status around exon 1 of XIAP-Associated Factor 1(XAF1) in human gastric and colon cancer cell line. Asian Pacific Digestive Week, Sept. 25-28, 2005, Seoul, Korea.Zou, B; Lin, MC; Lam, SK; Tu, S; Zeng, H; Yang, Y; Wang, J; He, H; Jiang, SH; Kung, H; Wong, BCY2005116
Update on clarithromycin resistance in Helicobacter pylori in Hong Kong and its effect on clarithromycin-based triple therapy.Gu, Q; Xia, HHX; Wang, J; Chan, OO; Lai, KC; Fung, FMY; Wong, KW; Cheung, KL; Kung, H; Wong, BCY2005117
The inhibitory effects of siRNAS targeting the replicase or structural genes of the sars-associated coronavirus (SCOV) on viral replicationHe, ML; Zheng, B; Guan, Y; Chen, Y; Wong, KL; Huang, J; Peng, Y; Yuen, KY; Kung, H200473
Cloning and functional characterization of ornithine-aminotransferase (OAT) gene during xenopus embryonic developmentPeng, Y; Yang, P; Mei, JM; Lin, MC; Kung, H; Phang, JM200480
Hypermethylation Status Around Exon 1 of XIAP-Associated Factor 1 in Human Gastric and Colon Cancer Cell LinesZou, B; Lin, MC; Lam, SK; Tu, S; Yang, Y; Wang, J; He, H; Peng, J; Kung, H; Wong, BCY200486
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