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Smad7 is required for the development and function of the heartChen, Q; Chen, H; Zheng, D; Kuang, C; Fang, H; Zou, B; Zhu, W; Bu, G; Jin, T; Wang, Z; Zhang, X; Chen, J; Field, LJ; Rubart, M; Shou, W; Chen, Y2009143
Stability and mixing of a vertical axi-symmetric buoyant jet in shallow depthKuang, C; Lee, JHW200684
Eutrophication dynamics in Hong Kong waters: physical-biological interactions (invited chapter)Lee, JHW; Harrison, PJ; Kuang, C; Yin, KD2005101
Impact of reclamation and HATS Stage I on Victoria Harbour, Hong KongKuang, C; Lee, JHW2004139
Solving environmental jet mixing problems with RANS models (invited chapter)Lee, JHW; Kuang, C200497
The measurement of sediment oxygen demand - diffusional mass transfer and chamber hydraulics (invited paper)Lee, JHW; Arega, F; Kuang, C200492
Effect of reclamation on hydrodynamic circulation and flushing in Victoria Harbour, Hong KongKuang, C; Lee, JHW200490
VISJET and VISFLOOD: software for environmental hydraulic modeling and visualisationLee, JHW; Wang, W; Cheung, V; Kuang, C; Choi, DKW; Tu, C; Chan, B; Choi, YK2003161
The structure of a turbulent jet in crossflow - Effect of jet-to-crossflow velocityLee, JHW; Kuang, C; Chen, G2002108
Mixing of a turbulent jet in crossflow - the advected line puffLee, JHW; Chen, G; Kuang, C2002122
Hydraulic model study of the Tai Hang Tung storage scheme: A case study of innovative urban flood controlLee, JHW; Chan, HC; Siu, R; Kuang, C; Clark, P; Townsend, N2001116
Numerical experiments on the mixing of a duckbill valve jetKuang, C; Lee, JHW200190
Effect of downstream control on the stability and mixing of a vertical plane buoyant jetKuang, C; Lee, JHW200175
Fluid mechanics of triangular sediment oxygen demand (SOD) chamberLee, JHW; Kuang, C; Yung, KS2000101
On the downstream control of a vertical round buoyant jet in shallow waterKuang, C; Lee, JHW200090
Numerical simulation of turbulent buoyant jetsLee, JHW; Kuang, C199987
Plume interaction above an alternating diffuserLee, JHW; Kuang, C; Chen, J; Davidson, M199970
Fluid mechanics of sediment oxygen demand chambersLee, JHW; Kuang, C199871
A numerical study on the stability of a vertical plane buoyant jet in confined depthKuang, C; Lee, JHW1998100
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