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Reassessment of continental growth during the accretionary history of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Gondwana Research
Kroener, A; Kovich, V; Belousova, E; Hegner, E; Armstrong, R; Dolgopolova, A; Seltmann, R; Alexeriev, DV; Hoffmann, JE; Wong, PM; Sun, M; Cai, K; Wang, T; Tong, Y; Wilde, SA; Degtyarev, SA; Tytsk, E201441
Continental construction in central Asia (IGCP592): scientific results and meetings in 2012.
Safonava, I; Seltmann, R; Sun, M; Kroener, A; Kislov, E; Kovach, V; Colins, A201350
Zircon REE patterns and geochemical characteristics of Paleoproterozoic anatectic granite in the northern Tarim Craton, NW China: implications for the reconstruction of the Columbia supercontinent
Precambrian Research
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Long, X; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Kroener, A; Hu, A2012286
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