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Identification of ADP-ribosylation sites of CD38 mutants by precursor ion scanning mass spectrometryJiang, H; Sherwood, R; Zhang, S; Zhu, X; Liu, Q; Graeff, RM; Kriksunov, IA; Lee, HC; Hao, Q; Lin, HN201336
Design, synthesis and biological characterization of novel inhibitors of CD38Dong, M; Si, YQ; Sun, SY; Pu, XP; Yang, ZJ; Zhang, LR; Zhang, LH; Leung, FP; Lam, CMC; Kwong, AKY; Yue, J; Zhou, Y; Kriksunov, IA; Hao, Q; Cheung Lee, H2011210
Structural basis for enzymatic mechanisms of ADP-ribosyl cyclaseKotaka, M; Zhang, H; Graeff, R; Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Oppenheimer, N; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2009136
Structural basis for enzymatic evolution from a dedicated ADP-ribosyl cyclase to a multifunctional NAD hydrolaseLiu, Q; Graeff, R; Kriksunov, IA; Jiang, H; Zhang, B; Oppenheimer, N; Lin, H; Potter, BVL; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2009197
Mechanism of cyclizing NAD to cyclic ADP-ribose by ADP-ribosyl cyclase and CD38Graeff, R; Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Kotaka, M; Oppenheimer, N; Hao, Q; Lee, HC2009187
Conformational closure of the catalytic site of human CD38 induced by calciumLiu, Q; Graeff, R; Kriksunov, IA; Lam, CMC; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2008152
Covalent and Noncovalent Intermediates of an NAD Utilizing Enzyme, Human CD38Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Jiang, H; Graeff, R; Lin, H; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2008144
Hierarchical and helical self-assembly of ADP-ribosyl cyclase into large-scale protein microtubesLiu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Wang, Z; Graeff, R; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2008166
Structural basis for formation and hydrolysis of the calcium messenger cyclic ADP-ribose by human CD38Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Graeff, R; Hon, CL; Hao, Q2007154
Catalysis-associated conformational changes revealed by human CD38 complexed with a non-hydrolyzable substrate analogLiu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Moreau, C; Graeff, R; Potter, BVL; Hon, CL; Hao, Q2007137
Acidic residues at the active sites of CD38 and ADP-ribosylt cyclase determine nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP) synthesis and hydrolysis activitiesGraeff, R; Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Hao, Q; Hon, CL2006145
Structural basis for the mechanistic understanding of human CD38-controlled multiple catalysisLiu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Graeff, R; Munshi, C; Hon, CL; Hao, Q2006143
Crystal structure of human CD38 extracellular domainLiu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Graeff, R; Munshi, C; Hon, CL; Hao, Q2005142
Crystal structure of a new class of glutathione transferase from the model human hookworm nematode Heligmosomoides polygyrusSchuller, DJ; Liu, Q; Kriksunov, IA; Campbell, AM; Barrett, J; Brophy, PM; Hao, Q2005131
ADP-ribosyl cyclase: Crystal structures reveal a covalent intermediateLove, ML; Szebenyi, DME; Kriksunov, IA; Thiel, DJ; Munshi, C; Graeff, R; Lee, HC; Hao, Q2004146
Crystal structure of a heat-resilient phytase from Aspergillus fumigatus, carrying a phosphorylated histidineXiang, T; Liu, Q; Deacon, AM; Koshy, M; Kriksunov, IA; Lei, XG; Hao, Q; Thiel, DJ2004162
Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of a new class of glutathione transferase from nematodesKriksunov, IA; Schuller, DJ; Campbell, AM; Barrett, J; Brophy, PM; Hao, Q2003137
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