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Reworking of the Tarim Craton by underplating of mantle plume-derived magmas: Evidence from Neoproterozoic granitoids in the Kuluketage area, NW ChinaLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Kröner, A; Zhao, G; Wilde, S; Hu, A20112,889
A new concept of continental construction in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: (Compared to actualistic examples from the Western Pacific)Safonova, I; Seltmann, E; Kröner, A; Gladkochub, D; Schulmann, K; Xiao, W; Kim, J; Komiya, T; Sun, M2011264
Detrital and xenocrystic zircon ages from Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic arc terranes of Mongolia: Significance for the origin of crustal fragments in the Central Asian Orogenic BeltRojasAgramonte, Y; Kröner, A; Demoux, A; Xia, X; Wang, W; Donskaya, T; Liu, D; Sun, M2011400
Zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of gneissic rocks from the Chinese Altai: Progressive accretionary history in the early to middle PalaeozoicSun, M; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Long, X; Xia, X; Zhao, G; Lin, S; Wu, F; Kröner, A2008131
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Huai'an Complex: Constraints on Late Archean to Paleoproterozoic magmatic and metamorphic events in the Trans-North China OrogenZhao, G; Wilde, SA; Sun, M; Guo, J; Kröner, A; Li, S; Li, X; Zhang, J2008126
Deformation history of the Hengshan Complex: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenZhang, J; Zhao, G; Li, S; Sun, M; Liu, S; Wilde, SA; Kröner, A; Yin, C2007415
Geochemistry of Neoarchean (ca. 2.55-2.50 Ga) volcanic and ophiolitic rocks in the Wutaishan greenstone belt, central orogenic belt, North China craton: Implications for geodynamic setting and continental growth: DiscussionZhao, G; Kröner, A2007110
Lithotectonic elements and geological events in the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping belt: A synthesis and implications for the evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenZhao, G; Kröner, A; Wilde, SA; Sun, M; Li, S; Li, X; Zhang, J; Xia, X; He, Y2007346
Zircon geochronology and metamorphic evolution of mafic dykes in the Hengshan complex of northern China: Evidence for late Palaeoproterozoic extension and subsequent high-pressure metamorphism in the North China cratonKröner, A; Wilde, SA; Zhao, GC; O'Brien, PJ; Sun, M; Liu, DY; Wan, YS; Liu, SW; Guo, JH2006236
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