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Self-reported oral health and quality of life: A latent growth curve analysisLee, H; McGrath, CPJ; Kong, YC; Lam, TH20146
Self-report poor oral health and chronic diseases: the Hong Kong FAMILY projectLee, H; McGrath, CPJ; Kong, YC; Lam, TH201317
A pathway to wealth, health, and well-being - become a dental specialistMcGrath, CPJ; Au, KK; Chan, WS; Chau, LP; Chau, MH; Cheung, E; Kong, YC; Lau, KC; Tam, JJY2009138
Clinicial Comparison of Packable (SureFil) and Hybrid Resin Composite for Class I and II Restorations in Permanent Teeth: One-year ResultsYip, HK; Poon, BKM; Chu, FCS; Poon, CM; Kong, YC; Smales, RJ200367
Provision of dental service for new immigrant teenagersLo, ECM; Yeung, J; Chung, KH; Kong, YC; Luk, PY; Poon, CM; Wong, KL; Yeung, LK200190
Assessment of BOP and GCF volume as indicators of periodontal inflammationLeung, CM; Poon, CM; Chung, KH; Wong, KL; Kong, YC; Yeung, LK; Luk, PY; Jin, LJ1999104
Evidence that epidermal growth factor is present in swiftlet's (Collocalia) nestKong, YC; Keung, WM; Yip, TT; Ko, KM; Tsao, SW; Ng, MH1987143
The regulatory role of phosphodiesterase in adenosine cyclic 3′,5′-monophosphate mediated ACTH actionNg, SS; Kong, YC197138
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