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Executive and language control in the multilingual brainKong, PH; Abutalebi, J; Lam, K; Weekes, BS201359
Cantonese Linguistic Communication Measure (CLCM): A clinical tool for assessing aphasic narrative productionKong, PH; Law, SP2009171
Acoustic analysis of prosody for Cantonese normal and aphasic discourseLee, A; Kong, PH; Law, SP2009119
Effects of cafeteria noise on generative naming: cross-cultural differencesLaPointe, L. L.; Law, SP; Kong, PH2006101
A Cantonese Linguistic Communication Measure for Evaluating Aphasic Narrative Production: Normative and Preliminary Aphasic DataKong, PH; Law, SP200499
Using the Cantonese linguistic communication measure (CLCM) to monitor changes of narrative production in aphasic patientsKong, PH; Law, SP2004101
A Cantonese linguistic communication measure (CLCM): Further developmentKong, PH; Law, SP200369
A Cantonese linguistic communication measuresKong, PH; Law, SP200276
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