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Cotranscriptional recruitment of yeast TRAMP complex to intronic sequences promotes optimal pre-mRNA splicingKong, KY; Tang, VHM; Pan, K; Huang, Z; Lee, THJ; Hinnebusch, A; Jin, D; Wong, CM201425
Yeast TRAMP complex facilitates splicing factor recruitment and contributes to optimal slicing efficiencyKong, KY; Tang, VHM; Huang, Z; Hinnebusch, AG; Jin, D; Wong, CM201263
Yeast TRAMP complex facilitates pre-mRNA splicingKong, KY; Tang, HMV; Jin, D; Wong, CM2012124
Yeast pre-mRNA splicing is facilitated by a RNA surveillance complexKong, KY; Tang, VHM; Jin, D; Wong, CM201182
Yeast arginine methyltransferase Hmt1p is required for transcription elongation and terminationTang, VHM; Kong, KY; Wong, GW; Qiu, HF; Jin, D; Hinnebusch, AG200993
Functional electrical stimulation in the hand rehabilitation of spinal cord injured personsKong, KY; Ip, WY; Mak, A; Li, C200269
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