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Solidarity, ambivalence and multigenerational co-residence in Hong Kong
Contemporary grandparenting : identities, choice and constraint in global contexts
Policy Press
Ko, SF2012135
Secondhand smoke exposure predicted chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other tobacco related mortality in a 17-years cohort study in China
He, Y; Jiang, B; Li, LS; Li, LS; Ko, SF; Wu, L; Sun, DL; He, SF; Liang, BQ; Hu, FB; Lam, TH2012174
Sustainable development in urban renewal in Hong Kong: a social assessment
17th European Real Estate Society Conference 2010
Ho, DCW; Law, CK; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, CKM; Ko, SF; Yip, HK; Kwan, AKH2010390
Students' views on medical education: Preliminary findings of the focus group study
Inaugural Symposium of the Asian Medical Education Association, 21-22 June 2001, Hong Kong
Cheng, YH; Chan, YS; Lai, DK; Ko, SF2001132
The high energy emission morphologies and phase-resolved spectra of pulsars
International Journal of Modern Physics A
World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Cheng, KS; Ko, SF; Lie, HY; Zhang, L2001181
The Optical, X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Light Curves and Spectra of PSR B0540-69 and PSR B1509-58
Stellar Astrophysics: Proceedings of the Pacific Rim Conference Held in Hong Kong, 1999
Cheng, KS; Zhang, L; Ko, SF2000238
Inconsistencies between belief and practice: assessment of Chinese cancer patients' knowledge of their disease
Journal of Cancer Care
Churchill Livingstone.
Fielding, R; Ko, SF; Wong Law, GKC1995106
Cancer patients' knowledge of their disease: making a difference in nursing practice
International Nursing Conference '95: Research for Practice: Making a Difference held by the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Yeung, LSW; Fielding, R; Ko, SF1995133
Assessing the patients' need for information: the case of cancer
Hospital Authority Convention '95, Transformation in Hospital Services, January 4-5, 1995
Fielding, R; Ko, SF1995125
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