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New wine or old? From colony to SAR - elderly welfare in Hong KongChui, E; Ko, L2011254
More or less? Welfare provision amidst economic downturn - the Hong Kong experienceChui, E; Ko, L201173
An exploratory study on the grandparent-grandchildren rela-tionship in Chinese families in Hong KongKo, L; Chui, E2010138
In: Ebell MH, Ferenchick G, Smith M, Barry H, Slawson D, Shaughnessy A, Forsch R, Li S, Wilkes M, Usatine R, eds. Essential Evidence. John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken, NJ, 2009.Wong, VCN; Leonard, H; Ko, L200978
Strategies of information disclosure to chinese cancer patients in an asian communityFielding, R; Wong, L; Ko, L1998109
Prevelance and determinants of diagnostic and prognostic disclosure by radiotherapists and surgeons to patients with terminal cancer in Hong KongFielding, R; Ko, L; Wong, L; Hedley, AJ; Gilhooly, LM; Tam, FSH1994206
Behaviour disorder in pre-school children in Hong Kong. A two-stage epidemiological studyLuk, SL; Leung, PWL; BaconShone, J; Chung, SY; Lee, PWH; Chen, S; Ng, R; LiehMak, F; Ko, L; Wong, VCN; Yeung, CY199187
The Developmental Language Screening Scale: a validation and normative studyLee, PWH; Luk, ESL; Bacon-Shone, JH; Lau, J; Wong, VCN; Ko, L199034
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