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Microfluidic fabrication of vesiclesShum, HC; Thiele, J; Kim, SH2014124
Single step emulsification for the generation of multi-component double emulsionsAdams, LLA; Kodger, TE; Kim, SH; Shum, HC; Franke, T; Weitz, DA201229
In vitro and in vivo characteristics of stem cells derived from the periodontal ligament of human deciduous and permanent teethSong, JS; Kim, SO; Kim, SH; Choi, HJ; Son, HK; Jung, HS; Kim, CS; Lee, JH201282
Monodisperse gas-filled microparticles from reactions in double emulsionsDuncanson, WJ; Abbaspourrad, A; Shum, HC; Kim, SH; Adams, LLA; Weitz, DA201294
The forkhead transcription factor Foxc2 promotes osteoblastogenesis via up-regulation of integrin β1 expressionPark, SJ; Gadi, J; Cho, KW; Kim, KJ; Kim, SH; Jung, HS; Lim, SK201169
Multiple polymersomes for programmed release of multiple componentsKim, SH; Shum, HC; Kim, JW; Cho, JC; Weitz, DA201184
Multicompartment polymersomes from double emulsionsShum, HC; Zhao, YJ; Kim, SH; Weitz, DA2011105
The forkhead transcription factor Foxc2 stimulates osteoblast differentiationKim, SH; Cho, KW; Choi, HS; Park, SJ; Rhee, Y; Jung, HS; Lim, SK200965
Local recurrence after laparoscopic resection of T3 rectal cancer without preoperative chemoradiation and a risk group analysis: An Asian collaborative studyLee, SI; Kim, SH; Wang, HM; Choi, GS; Zheng, MH; Fukunaga, M; Kim, JG; Law, WL; Chen, JB200889
Analysis and Recognition of Asian Scripts - the State of the ArtSuen, CY; Mori, S; Kim, SH; Leung, CH200390
Concise synthesis of the calicheamicin oligosaccharide using the sulfoxide glycosylation methodKim, SH; Augeri, D; Yang, D; Kahne, D199486
Construction of Glycosidic N-O Linkages in OligosaccharidesYang, D; Kim, SH; Kahne, D199146
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