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Are Currencies Coordinating?: The Coupling-Decoupling Behavior of Won-Dollar and Yen-Dollar Exchange RatesKim, JY; Wang, YJ; Park, WY201228
Rgs19 regulates mouse palatal fusion by modulating cell proliferation and apoptosis in the MEESohn, WJ; Ji, YR; Kim, HS; Gwon, GJ; Chae, YM; An, CH; Park, Hd; Jung, HS; Ryoo, ZY; Lee, S; Kim, JY201289
Effect from cyclic fatigue of nickel-titanium rotary files on torsional resistanceKim, JY; Cheung, GSP; Park, SH; Ko, DC; Kim, JW; Kim, HC201246
Association of genetic variation in FTO with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes with data from 96,551 East and South AsiansLi, H; Kilpeläinen, TO; Liu, C; Zhu, J; Liu, Y; Hu, C; Yang, Z; Zhang, W; Bao, W; Cha, S; Wu, Y; Yang, T; Sekine, A; Choi, BY; Yajnik, CS; Zhou, D; Takeuchi, F; Yamamoto, K; Chan, JC; Mani, KR; Been, LF; Imamura, M; Nakashima, E; Lee, N; Fujisawa, T; Karasawa, S; Wen, W; Joglekar, CV; Lu, W; Chang, Y; Xiang, Y; Gao, Y; Liu, S; Song, Y; Kwak, SH; Shin, HD; Park, KS; Fall, CHD; Kim, JY; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL; Zheng, W; Shu, X; Deng, H; Ikegami, H; Krishnaveni, GV; Sanghera, DK; Chuang, L; Liu, L; Hu, R; Kim, Y; Daimon, M; Hotta, K; Jia, W; Kooner, JS; Chambers, JC; Chandak, GR; Ma, RC; Maeda, S; Dorajoo, R; Yokota, M; Takayanagi, R; Kato, N; Lin, X; Loos, RJF2012257
Importance of region-specific epithelial rearrangements in mouse rugae developmentSohn, WJ; Yamamoto, H; Shin, HI; Ryoo, ZY; Lee, S; Bae, YC; Jung, HS; Kim, JY201173
Reciprocal interactions of Fgf10/Fgfr2b modulate the mouse tongue epithelial differentiationSohn, WJ; Jung, HI; Choi, MA; Han, JH; Gwon, GJ; Yamamoto, H; Lee, S; Ryoo, ZY; Park, EK; Shin, HI; Jung, HS; Kim, JY201183
Periodontal tissue formation by reaggregation system in miceYamamoto, H; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Kim, JY; Jung, HS200957
Shh and ROCK1 modulate the dynamic epithelial morphogenesis in circumvallate papilla developmentKim, JY; Lee, MJ; Cho, KW; Lee, JM; Kim, YJ; Kim, JY; Jung, HI; Cho, JY; Cho, SW; Jung, HS200998
Characteristics of ethylnitrosourea-induced cataractsLee, MJ; Kim, JY; Kim, YJ; Cho, JW; Cho, KH; Song, CW; Jung, HS200969
Point mutation of Hoxd12 in miceCho, KW; Kim, JY; Cho, JW; Cho, KH; Song, CW; Jung, HS200857
Growth effects of botulinum toxin type A injected into masseter muscle on a developing rat mandibleKim, JY; Kim, ST; Cho, SW; Jung, HS; Park, KT; Son, HK200854
BMP4 signaling regulates formation of Hertwig's epithelial root sheath during tooth root developmentHosoya, A; Kim, JY; Cho, SW; Jung, HS200872
Morphological evidence of basal keratinocyte migration during the re-epithelialization processHosoya, A; Lee, JM; Cho, SW; Kim, JY; Shinozaki, N; Shibahara, T; Shimono, M; Jung, HS200877
The role of BMP4 in HERS during tooth root developmentJung, HS; Hosoya, A; Kim, JY; Cho, SW200855
Wnt11/Fgfr1b cross-talk modulates the fate of cells in palate developmentLee, JM; Kim, JY; Cho, KW; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Kwak, S; Cai, J; Jung, HS200860
Identification and characterization of epithelial stem cells during mouse incisor developmentKwon, HJ; Cho, SW; Kim, YJ; Lee, MJ; Kim, JY; Jung, HS200737
WNT11/FGFR1b cross-talk modulate the fate of cells in palate developmentLee, JM; Kim, JY; Cho, KW; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Kwak, S; Cai, J; Jung, HS200743
Increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in Asia: Implications for screeningSung, JJY; Lau, JYW; Goh, KL; Leung, WK; Chen, MH; Li, CJ; Tandon, R; Makharia, G; Abdullah, M; Fujita, R; Hilmi, I; Kim, JY; Kim, HJ; Yang, SK; Kim, WH; Kim Ii, T; Byeon, JS; Hilmi, I; Sollano, J; Ong, E; Tan, J; Ho, L; Yeoh, KG; Wang, CY; Wu, DC; Kongkam, P; Kullavanijaya, P2005168
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