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Measurement and correction of stimulated echo contamination in T2-based iron quantificationWu, EX; Sammet, CL; Swaminathan, SV; Tang, H; Sheth, S; Jensen, JH; Nunez, A; Hultman, K; Kim, D; Brittenham, GM; Brown, TR201320
A Nontranscriptional Role For Hif-1α As A Direct Inhibitor Of DNA ReplicationHubbi, ME; Kshitiz, K; Gilkes, DM; Rey, S; Wong, CCL; Kim, D; Dang, CV; Levchenko, A; Semenza, GL201331
Interference alignment for uplink cellular systems with limited feedbackCho, S; Huang, K; Kim, D; Seo, H201215
Efficient feedback design for interference alignment in MIMO interference channelCho, S; Chae, H; Huang, K; Kim, D; Lau, VKN; Seo, H201217
Stochastic control of event-driven feedback in multiantenna interference channelsHuang, K; Lau, VKN; Kim, D201110
Reduced transverse relaxation rate (RR2) for improved sensitivity in monitoring myocardial iron in thalassemiaCheung, JS; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Kim, D; Jensen, JH; Zhou, IY; Cheung, MM; Wu, Y; Guo, H; Khong, PL; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2011170
Rapid monitoring of iron-chelating therapy in thalassemia major by a new cardiovascular MR measure: The reduced transverse relaxation rateKim, D; Jensen, JH; Wu, EX; Feng, L; Au, WY; Cheung, JS; Ha, SY; Sheth, SS; Brittenham, GM2011169
Event-driven optimal feedback control for multiantenna beamformingHuang, K; Lau, VKN; Kim, D201012
Stochastic feedback control for spatial interference avoidanceHuang, K; Lau, VKN; Kim, D201010
Mobility-aware spatial interference cancellation for mobile ad hoc networksPark, J; Huang, K; Cho, S; Kim, D201013
Multi-antenna beamforming: Feedback or no feedback?Huang, K; Lau, VKN; Kim, D201014
Separate MRI quantification of dispersed (ferritin-like) and aggregated (hemosiderin-like) storage ironJensen, JH; Tang, H; Tosti, CL; Swaminathan, SV; Nunez, A; Hultman, K; Szulc, KU; Wu, EX; Kim, D; Sheth, S; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2010215
Monitoring iron chelation effect in hearts of thalassaemia patients with improved sensitivity using reduced transverse relaxation rate (RR2)Cheung, JS; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Jensen, JH; Kim, D; Ding, AY; Zhou, IY; Guo, H; Brown, TR; Chu, WC; Rasalkar, DD; Khong, PL; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2010169
A breath-hold R2 mapping pulse sequence detects a decrease in myocardial ferritin iron after one-week of iron chelationKim, D; Jensen, J; Cheung, SC; Feng, L; Ha, SY; Au, WY; Sheth, S; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2010122
Magnetic resonance assessment of iron overload by separate measurement of tissue ferritin and hemosiderin ironWu, EX; Kim, D; Tosti, CL; Tang, H; Jensen, JH; Cheung, JS; Feng, L; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2010104
Rapid monitoring of iron-chelating therapy in Cooley’s anemia by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of myocardial ferritin ironKim, D; Feng, L; Jensen, JH; Tosti, CL; Wu, EX; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2009142
Myocardial T2 quantitation in patients with iron overload at 3 TeslaGuo, H; Au, WY; Cheung, JS; Kim, D; Jensen, JH; Khong, PL; Chan, Q; Chan, KC; Tosti, C; Tang, H; Brown, TR; Lam, WWM; Ha, SY; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2009181
Breathhold multiecho fast spin-echo pulse sequence for accurate R 2 measurement in the heart and liverKim, D; Jensen, JH; Wu, EX; Sheth, SS; Brittenham, GM2009161
Heart and liver R2 and R2* measurements in patients with thalassaemia major at 3TGuo, H; Au, WY; Cheung, JSC; Jensen, JH; Kim, D; Khong, PL; Chan, Q; Tosti, C; Tang, H; Brown, TR; Lam, WWM; Ha, SY; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2009484
R2 imaging of ferritin iron in thalassaemia patients off and on iron-chelation therapyKim, D; Jensen, JH; Tosti, CL; Wu, EX; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2009256
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