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Resveratrol Rescues SIRT1-Dependent Adult Stem Cell Decline and Alleviates Progeroid Features in Laminopathy-Based ProgeriaLiu, B; Ghosh, S; Zheng, H; Liu, X; Wang, Z; Jin, G; Zheng, B; Kennedy, BK; Suh, Y; Kaeberlein, M; Tryggvason, K; Zhou, Z201243
Sir2 deletion prevents lifespan extension in 32 long-lived mutantsDelaney, JR; Sutphin, GL; Dulken, B; Sim, S; Kim, JR; Robison, B; Schleit, J; Murakami, CJ; Carr, D; An, EH; Choi, E; Chou, A; Fletcher, M; Jelic, M; Liu, B; Lockshon, D; Moller, RM; Pak, DN; Peng, Q; Peng, ZJ; Pham, KM; Sage, M; Solanky, A; Steffen, KK; Tsuchiya, M; Tsuchiyama, S; Johnson, S; Raabe, C; Suh, Y; Zhou, Z; Liu, X; Kennedy, BK; Kaeberlein, M2011145
Trinations aging symposiumKaeberlein, M; Kennedy, BK; Liu, X; Suh, Y; Zhou, Z201198
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