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Dissecting the genetic heterogeneity of depression through age at onsetPower, RA; Keers, R; Ng, MY; Butler, AW; Uher, R; Cohen-Woods, S; Ising, M; Craddock, N; Owen, MJ; Korszun, A; Jones, L; Jones, I; Gill, M; Rice, JP; Hauser, J; Henigsberg, N; Maier, W; Zobel, A; Mors, O; Placentino, AS; Rietschel, M; Souery, D; Kozel, D; Preisig, M; Lucae, S; Binder, EB; Aitchison, KJ; Tozzi, F; Muglia, P; Breen, G; Craig, IW; Farmer, AE; Müller-Myhsok, B; McGuffin, P; Lewis, CM201289
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